FAMU’s viral moments aren’t funny, they’re embarrassing

Briasia Russ. Photo courtesy: Russ.

Many students could agree that these past few weeks back on the Hill have had some hectic moments. From a fist fight on campus to inappropriate events occurring on Zoom, Florida A&M University is seeing it all.

These moments are embarrassing to the University and go against the university’s mission statement: “To continually improve and sustain the university’s ability to attract, develop and retain excellent and diverse talent in a compliant and inclusive environment.”

If students are fighting on campus and having sex on Zoom and it reaches the internet, it will become difficult to attract new students to the university and fulfill this mission.

Fights and sex on zoom can reach the internet and go viral. Once a video is viral, it can reach anyone including potential students, their parents as well as other universities or colleges.

During the first week of classes, students were able to get a taste of our infamous set Friday with a side of crabs from a crab boil. While organizations began to stroll at this event, a fight broke out between two males. A video was made and posted to Instagram, and, shortly after, students began to make memes out of the video.

In a different week, a student was seen having sex on a Zoom call during class. Students recorded it and posted it to their stories.

FAMU was a trending topic on Twitter among students for both of these unfortunate moments.

Unlikely moments, like these, that occur at FAMU are usually said to be unforgettable. Students tend to say things like “FAMU never forgets.” “FAMU Twitter” is a phrase that is used among students who actively use Twitter and tweet about what goes on around campus. Hashtags are used during pageant season, and this is a time where ‘FAMU Twitter’ is used more frequently.

Accounts like HBCU Confessions, which has been suspended, on Twitter can also be used to represent the university in a negative way. This account allowed for HBCU students from all around to anonymously submit an inappropriate confession. The topics varied from drama, sex life or dating advice.

HBCU Confessions allegedly used to post inappropriate and fake confessions that sometimes went viral. There has been tweets in that past about FAMU that have allegedly been fake. These tweets go viral, and that is also embarrassing.

Twitter user @ohthatswinnie made a tweet about the alleged fake tweets from the account.

“whoever’s behind hbcu confessions just loves to hate on famu. 9/10 of them confessions be fake and they know it,” she tweeted.

Accounts like these should be reported and taken down to avoid the negative and embarrassing light it brings to the university and others.

The viral moments we create for ourselves as FAMU students, as well as the ones created by others on social media are often not funny. They are embarrassing and we need to do better.