Big Daddy Guns opening third outlet in Tallahassee

Big Daddy Guns storefront. Photo courtesy:

A gun retailer, Big Daddy Guns, will be opening its third store in Tallahassee this Saturday. The store is located in the Bannerman Crossing Shopping Center in the northeast section of the city, and it will be selling firearms and firearm accessories.

Though news of the opening hadn’t made its way to many of FAMU’s students, the store is drawing mixed reviews.

One student takes issue with the store because of her own personal views on gun control and safety. Upon hearing about the new  Big Daddy Guns outlet, second year English major Jerrica Robinson said she was not thrilled about Tallahassee residents having more access to guns.

“I’m not the biggest fan of guns so I don’t like the idea of there being another gun store in Tallahassee,” Robinson said. “I personally don’t think we have enough gun control as is. Almost anyone can get a gun and that’s concerning.”

Another student was indecisive on his feelings about the new store. First-year psychology major Brian Martin had mixed feelings about the store because of his own background with guns.

“I grew up in a pretty rough neighborhood so guns is nothing new to me,” Martin said. “I mean I don’t mind a new gun store, but I also don’t see myself going there at all.”

When asked his opinion of gun control, however, Martin’s views leaned more toward Robinson’s.

“I do think people need them to protect themselves, but they need to be responsible with it too. They aren’t a toy,” Martin said.

Tallahassee has had two fatal shootings in September. Robinson was asked how she felt about the store in regard to her safety.

“As a woman, I always have to be concerned for my safety, especially when I’m going out. But it just makes me more concerned knowing that irresponsible people have somewhere else to go get a gun.”

Based on data taken from the Tallahassee Democrat, there have been a total of 52 shootings this year in Tallahassee. Out of the 52, 32 people have been injured, and 10 people have died. The most recent shootings to take place happened within four days of each other on Sept. 4 and Sept. 8. Neither was fatal.

Big Daddy Guns will have its grand opening “Guns and BBQ” this Saturday. Families are welcome to stop by the store for a look at their firearms while they enjoy BBQ food cooked by Master Chef contestant Josh Cooper.