5 great movies for college students

Screen shot from “College Road Trip”

Whether it is in your down time in between classes or you need something to refresh your college student vibes, these five movies are sure to satisfy. This list is a mix of comedy and inspirational films that college students could surely relate to.


College Road Trip” (2008)

College Road Trip” stars actors Raven-Symoné and Martin Lawrence. Released in 2008, the movie taps into the pre-college life that many can relate to, college tours. Melanie Porter, Raven-Symoné, goes on a road trip to different universities with her family. Her father is strict about everything that she does and especially the guys that she talks to. The Walt Disney film is perfect for a good laugh or a trip down memory lane.


Legally Blonde” (2001)

This comedy film stars Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods, a campus-involved, personable sorority girl. She debunks stereotypes about blondes and proves that she is capable of going to Harvard University. Initially trying to do it to win back her boyfriend, she falls in love with the art of law and leaves a mark on her university. The movie released a sequel in 2003; “Legally Blonde: Red, White and Blonde” and was approved for a third movie. It is scheduled to release in 2022.


Homeless to Harvard” (2003)

Liz Murray, played by Thora Birch, lives with her sister, her schizophrenic mother and their drug addicted father. He is intelligent but has AIDS and isn’t very sociable. Eventually, Murray is put into the care system because her father wasn’t able to take care of her.

After her mother dies, Murray begins her work to finish high school in two years. She soon earns a full-ride scholarship to Harvard University. The heart-throbbing film is a true story and has inspired many since its release in 2003.


Freedom Writers” (2007)

Freedom Writers” is a whirlwind movie that promotes resilience and a student-teacher connection. It is based off of the book, “The Freedom Writer Diaries.” It stars Hilary Swank as Erin Gruwell. She plays a teacher who has been hired at a voluntary integrated school and has a hard time adjusting to the environment. In the middle of an underserved community, many of the students are a part of a gang or experienced gang violence at some capacity.


After finally finding ways to connect to the students, she builds personal and unbreakable bonds with them. Her classroom becomes their comfort zone and their second home.

This movie is a true representation.


Monsters University” (2013)

Unlike the other movies on this list, this one is animated. The Disney film is a spin-off of the original movie, “Monsters Inc.” The two main characters, Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan, are college students and it shows how they got their start in “scaring.” It highlights typical college experiences like classes, studying, professor interaction, and sorority and fraternity life.

Wazowski dreamed of going to the school as a child monster. However, Sullivan comes from a line of notable scarers who attended Monsters University. The remainder of the movie takes viewers through their final exam complications that cause them to get expelled and the “scare games.” This is a deal breaker to earn a spot at the school again.

These movies incorporate many things that college students are familiar with and have lived through. Who knows, they may even inspire you to get out of your shell and truly enjoy the experience.