What’s a king without his queen?

Lady Venom and Venom
photo courtesy of Instagram user @famuvintage

The Lady Venom has officially made her return to Florida A&M University and students as well as alumni are ecstatic!

Last weekend at the Orange Blossom Classic held in Miami, FAMU’s mascot Venom appeared with an old friend, Lady Venom. Students were surprised and alumni were filled with joy to see a familiar face.

With excitement comes questions; many Rattlers have asked why she has returned and why now was the time chosen to do so.

“I loved seeing Lady Venom out there in the stands, it honestly filled me with joy to see this female mascot representation, but I did wonder, why now?,” said Lakeisha Desroches, a FAMU alumna.

Chazriq Clarke, King of Orange and Green, gave some insight into why it was time for Lady Venom to resurge and spread spirit with her counterpart.

“After a year of enduring online classes, no football games and little to no events to foster school spirit, something had to be done to remind us that we are the Rattlers,” said Clarke. “What better way to do that than bring back the Queen of the Hill.”

Being able to showcase Rattler pride is a huge part of attending the university. Bringing Lady Venom back to the forefront was the university’s way of saying we’re back and better than ever.

The Lady Venom is described differently by alumni, faculty, staff and students, but one thing that they all share when speaking about her is that she is filled with spirit and is a crowd commanding figure.

Armani Jones, the male student advisor for the Royal Court believes Lady Venom helps set the tone for games and social functions.

“She adds to the welcoming environment at all events held on and off campus, Lady Venom brings a different type of energy that all attendees get to experience for themselves,” said Jones.

“What’s a king without his queen? The Venom has been missing his partner in crime for 12 long years,” said Juocole Juele, Queen of Orange and Green. “Lady Venom is the mascot version of me, and it feels amazing for women to, once again, have a place in the mascot’s rich history here at FAMU.”

It’s very evident to students at the university that Lady Venom not only brings feminine energy to the stands, but she represents all things divine about the university. She is the epitome of excellence with caring.