Local business owner’s son beats COVID

Joseph Young, 9, had a tough August. Photo courtesy: Jennifer Young

Jennifer Young, wife, mother of five and owner of TC Bakery, nearly lost her 9-year-old son Joseph to COVID-19 and pneumonia.

On Aug. 12, Young’s son constantly complained about being fatigued, having a headache and being hot. Young noticed his irregular and heavy breathing pattern, so she decided to give him Tylenol to reduce his fever. It didn’t work.

On the night of Aug. 13, Young and her husband made the conscious decision to take him to the hospital, and there he was diagnosed positive with COVID-19.

“Initially, I was shocked because we have been very careful in making sure we all wear our masks and wash hands religiously,” Young said. “I also wondered where or who he could have caught it up from.”

Young’s son was released from the hospital the same day. However, Young’s intuition told her to bring him back to the hospital.

“Trust your mother’s intuition,” Young said. ”Had it not been for that, he could’ve died. The hospital sent us home, and it was my intuition that told me he wasn’t right. I took him back on Aug. 15, and he was admitted with COVID-19 and bacterial pneumonia.”

Once her son was admitted, Young made an easy decision to close her bakery temporarily.

“Closing my bakery wasn’t that hard at all,” Young said. “My son was sick, and he will always be my first priority. When it comes to family, everything else takes a back seat.”

Renee Williams, Young’s sister, says family is Young’s top priority.

“As a parent, Jennifer has dedicated her life to her children,” Williams said. “With the onset of COVID, she has been vigilant with protecting her family. Even though all precautions were taken, it’s very hard to prevent exposure to such a widespread virus totally.”

“During this time, I have witnessed Jennifer make hard and drastic business decisions to ensure the safety of her family and customers. Her tenacity proves that her commitment to family is her priority. Moreover, Jennifer has shown that her faith has sustained her during her son’s exposure and the temporary closure of TC Bakery. It is this faith that pushed her to pray for complete healing and see the manifestation of her prayers and dedication,” she added.

As Young watched her son fight for his life, she wished it was her instead of him.

“It was very hard because I wished it was me,” Young said. “No parent wants to see their child laid up, helpless. I prayed and cried and knew my customers were doing the same. Prayers are what got him through.”

Young’s faith in God and her support from her family and friends kept her grounded.

“My family and friends sent me encouraging words, prayers, meals and money to help us and keep me sane,” Young said.

Brandi Gallon, Young’s close friend, said Young  “has unshakeable faith, During the troubling time, her faith never wavered. She trusted God even the more for her son’s healing.”

Young’s son is doing much better with no lingering effects.