Some question the timing of ‘Recharge Day’

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Thursday was “Recharge Day,” a day for students at Florida A&M University to be able to relax their minds and bodies as the semester comes to an end.

FAMU School of the Environment and the College of Agriculture and Food Science jointly hosted a bike trip for students on the St. Marks Trail.

Other events at FAMU on Thursday consisted of spoken word, poetry, comedy, and different forms of physical fitness including yoga.

Although there were scheduled events, some students said that the “Recharge Day” was something that should have happened a little earlier during the semester, because next week is the last week of classes.

Aside from students not being able to participate in spring break, students have not had a real chance to be able to take a mental break from the things they are experiencing during the semester.

“Instead of waiting until the week before the last week of school, maybe we should have tried to have a recharge day during the middle of the semester, preferably, after midterms,” said Joshua Starks.

Some students said that no matter when the recharge happened, it was still beneficial to take a break no matter the time frame. Being able to unwind and have a day to yourself is better than to not have such a time at all.

Since there was no spring break, recharge day was another way for someone to find a similar relief, excluding the partying and long nights in Miami.

This was a way for students who are not on campus and are doing classes remotely from home to be included in some on-campus activities.

Students who may feel as if artistically expressing themselves is not something that they are interested in doing, there are physical fitness activities, specifically bike rides that were held to help promote physical fitness for those who may enjoy that more than other things.

“Even if they would have had it in the middle of the semester, I still would have been just as tired. I’m a shy person, I  am glad that they are having the recharge day, especially the events that are over Zoom,” said Angelo Fickens.

As the semester comes to an end, students were highly encouraged to take a day for themselves to make sure that they are mentally and physically OK to continue.