Dorms return to double-occupancy in the fall

Photo courtesy FAMU Office of Housing

Make no mistake: Students are eager to get back to the “normal” college life.

Florida A&M’s Office of University Housing is making that possible starting with the fall semester when it returns to double-occupancy rooms.

In spring 2020, students who resided on campus had to move out of all residence halls due to safety concerns because of the pandemic. Students who had a special circumstance and could not immediately go home were accommodated.

For the upcoming semesters (summer and fall), students were given the option to take classes via Zoom or in-person. However, it was highly recommended at that time students stay home to maintain the safety of the staff and students.

In the fall, students will be allowed to return to campus while adhering to all social distancing guidelines.

One of the main concerns for students was the money they were going to be spending with all the changes that happened during COVID.

“I got assigned a double room during fall thinking that I was going to be saving money when I was charged for having a single,” said Derrick Jackson.

Students who had the option to stay home decided that they would be able to spend less money taking classes remotely. However, some students who were required to take an in-person class had no other options.

Students residing on campus during the spring semester such as Palmetto Housing Phase III have posted positive comments about the size of the rooms since the changes due to COVID.

“I had a double room with two people and now I have a double room for just myself. This room is huge and I don’t know how I am going to feel when I have to have a roommate again,” said Brittany Hall.

During the upcoming  summer semester students will still be in single rooms in their residence halls, according to the housing office.

However, this fall students will return to double occupancy in the residence halls.

There have been questions raised about the concern for COVID now that residence halls will have double occupancy.

“I already have my room assignment for fall and my roommate. I’m a little nervous to see how this will be since I’ve been in my bubble since the start of it all but we will see when we get there,” said Valeciya Whitaker.