TCC student creates unique swimwear line

Maya Burgess shows off her product. Photo courtesy Burgess

A Bikini With a hoodie is a swimwear business started by a TCC student who brought her innovative idea to life within a few months.

The founder of A Bikini With a hoodie, Maya Burgess, is a 21-year-old sophomore education major from Fort Lauderdale.

Burgess is not new to the entrepreneur lifestyle. While in high school she started her first business selling wholesale swimwear.

She had this business for two years. She took a break to focus on school and to plan for another business venture. It so happened that the next business she took on still revolved around selling swimwear, but she made it her own and brought it to life.

In December 2020, the idea of A Bikini With a hoodie was just a thought.

“I came up with the idea back in December 2020, with a Christmas outfit I had on. It was a halter top with a hoodie on the back of it. The hoodie was attached to the halter top with a string and had little hoops making it detachable,” Burgess said.

Burgess ultimately came up with the idea to create a bikini line that had a detachable hoodie to a bikini top, because it is different from what people are used to when buying bikinis. She took a chance with this and received help from a friend who sketched out the idea.

Jariah Green, a friend of Burgess, helped with the layout of sketches. She said she was impressed with how nicely the bikinis turned out.

“While sketching the bikinis with the detachable hoodie, at first I didn’t grasp the idea of it all, but it later came together,” Green said. “I think it’s great Maya came up this concept of having a hoodie on a bikini, it’s very different and honestly it can be used wisely.”

Burgess launched her business on Feb. 12. Though she ran into some obstacles around the few months it took her to bring the product to life, Burgess did not allow them to stop her. She revealed a snippet of the product on social media to potential buyers, but later received a slew of negative comments about the product and why the need for a hoodie on a bikini. Some people just did not like the idea of a hoodie on a bikini, but others did.

Niccora Moss, a potential buyer, liked the idea of the bikini having a hoodie attached.

“I like the idea of A Bikini With a hoodie because I’ve never seen this plus having a hoodie on a bikini is a different thing. It’s different especially when it gets too hot, ladies can simply put the hood over their head while still soaking up the sun and looking cute,” Moss said.

A Bikini With a hoodie is now on sale and can be purchased through the social media page abikiniwithahoodie in three colors where every bikini comes with a detachable hoodie.