Leveille ready for life after FAMU

FAMU will hold in-person graduation ceremonies later this month for spring 2021 graduates starting on Friday, April 23 and continuing through Sunday, April 25.

As classes quickly come to an end, graduates prepare for their final days at FAMU.

Marvin Leveille, a graduating economics major, tells The Famuan that he is eager to experience post-graduate life.

“The past four years, I’ve been living this great fantasy that I obviously don’t want to come to an end, but I am genuinely excited to experience the unknown,”  Leveille said.

During his time at FAMU, Leveille was an active member in Big Brother Little Brother, SGA and the Beta Nu chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity.

“While at FAMU, I’ve been able to accomplish nearly everything I set myself out to, so this next move, especially coming toward the tail end of a pandemic, is exactly what I need to keep me motivated and starvin’ for more,”  Leveille said.

As a School of Business and Industry student, Leveille said that FAMU has played a key role in his development as a professional as well as a person.

“As 1 of 2 HBCU students in a class of over 200 incoming analysts, I recognize that I have to be twice as good as my counterparts in order for me to be on the same playing field as them, and coming from the School of Business and Industry, I’ve already put my professional capabilities and intangibles at work over the last few summers where I was able to beat out Ivy League-type talent for a spot in the company,”  Leveille said.

Leveille says he never expected the  his enormous growth he has enjoyed while at FAMU.

“I can see that I have transformed tremendously. I am forever indebted to FAMU for taking in an 18-year-old boy and developing him into a man. Coming in, I was this wide-eyed, first generation, smiley young fella who was just happy to be here. Fast forward four years, and I see a 22-year-old man who’s ready to take on any and everything the world has to offer,” he said.

While he is excited for post-grad life, Leveille fears that he will not comfortably transition.

“It will definitely be a tough transition as I get away from being around all my best friends and fraternity brothers all day and night. I love to be around my loved ones so starting out in a completely new city without the folks I have been leaning on for years, will be an extremely tough challenge for me personally,”  Leveille said.

With less than four weeks until graduation, Leveille feels confident that coming to FAMU was one of his best life decisions.

“Because I trusted FAMU, I trusted the process, and trusted myself, I am humbly standing at the top of the mountain awaiting the next chapter that life and God has in store for me,” he said.