Online dating is dangerous, especially for women

These are some of the popular dating apps. Photo courtesy

If you’re not single in 2021, shout to you. Seriously. 

For us single folks, the dating scene is like a war zone. It’s brutal in all aspects and can get really scary fast — especially for women.

Ah, the digital age. It’s allowed us to communicate within seconds with people from all over the country and even the world. The new age of dating has now become online dating for many. And this  resembles incompetent interaction through dating apps via “matching.”

Although this seems easy enough, there are countless dangers that women face more than men when it comes to chatting or interacting in the online dating scene. Around 30% of Americans used a dating app or site but women users reported being harassed or sent explicit messages in many instances. 

Not only do women face harassing messages from unwanted suitors, but we also face the challenge of even meeting a potential date in person who could have alternative motives to harm us. 

We also see it time and time again played out in media, when a young, unsuspecting  woman goes on a date, and she becomes drugged and is later sold into sex trafficking or prostitution. The bright-eyed girl believes the sweet-nothings of many messages from the hot match who details their date night out, but it only leads to disaster. 

No, women aren’t gullible or just plain dumb. 

Online dating was rigged against us from the get-go. The  odds are just not in our favor. Having a profile online makes its extremely simple to manipulate the accuracy of your profile and make oneself seem more desirable for the wandering eye. As most women like to believe, they try online dating (whether it be for conversation or dating) in hopes of finding someone good. While on the other end of the spectrum, men are mostly wired to find a sexual partner (whether that be for the night or a few nights) to make the most fun with for a short period of time. 

  1. So, they aren’t what we’re looking for? Easy enough, just let the guy know you’re not interested, right?

WRONG. Guys don’t take rejection well. They’ll blow up your cellphone, might send cryptic messages on the dating app, or even stalk you to your death on some occasions. We’ve seen and heard the worst from women about their experiences but yet our hearts still find ourselves online. So, we won’t wear our hearts on our sleeves. We’ll be sure to have our guard up always. 

And say we do meet a good-looking match. The traumas we’ve seen from online dating just makes that possibility seem all too good to be true.