President Biden delivers

Photo courtesy of Moneymedia

After long-awaited promises of another round of stimulus checks, President Joe Biden delivered on his promise with $1,400 checks being sent out to millions of Americans over the past week. For many, this was a lifesaving gesture that has lightened the burden of COVID-19’s financial impact. President Biden took about a month to get the bill to legislation.

The $1.9 trillion bill, known as the American Rescue Plan, was signed into law on March 17. Individuals who gross $99,000 yearly are ineligible to receive checks, while dependents this go-round were approved for stimuli, unlike the last two rounds. This motion gave many college students the ability to help themselves while at school away from parents.

“I’m a dependent but I’m an adult away from home taking care of myself, I should’ve been able to receive all the relief checks but I’m glad they got it right this time,” James Bennett said.

Many students are using their checks to pay their tuition for the semester, buy books or pay their housing for the semester. With limited work hours and some students being laid off, the Rescue Plan has created breathing room to maintain while things slowly open back up.

Also included in the bill was a $40 billion financial aid payment for colleges and universities, allowing the school to allocate those funds to students in need of financial assistance. The aid comes in form of grants, scholarships and housing to be an economic crutch for students.

After many months of choosing between various needs that are by fault of COVID-19, students and parents are relieved about the bill being passed. Parents were not the only people who lost jobs, houses or even lives due to the virus. According to a case count by the New York Times, COVID-19 has claimed the lives of more than 500,000 people in the United States. It’s something that has shattered the lives of our families, friends and economy.

“One thing Joe Biden understands is that even though we students are dependents, we have our own plight individually, so I’m glad we have a President who thinks, cares and understands us,” Nikkole Robinson said.

Some people are referring to President Joe Biden as Moneybagg Joe, after the rapper Moneybagg Yo, in reference to his administration enacting fund disbursements to the American people. Social media has taken the joke and made it a trending topic on Twitter.

Many students are glad that they have the money to be able to make ends meet with the stimulus.

“It’s not the end-all-be-all but it will certainly help stay afloat in the midst of this untimely pandemic,” Draymond Johnson said.

Some students have yet to receive their relief payment. Checks are being dispersed by mail and direct deposit, so studenton, so many will remain on the lookout for theirs to come in the upcoming weeks.