Hines is first girl in Leon County to sign flag football scholarship

Sidney Hines rushes for a touchdown during 2019 season. Photo courtesy Hines

For Sidney Hines, playing football has always been her passion. When she was a little girl, Hines developed a love for the sport when she first started playing in second grade. Her love for the game has allowed the Chiles High senior to make history as the first female in Leon County to sign to play college flag football. Hines will now continue her journey at Warner University after graduation.

Growing up Hines played both softball and football. As a duo sport athlete, Hines often thought about which sport would take her further.

“I stopped playing football because I knew I couldn’t get a scholarship in it, so I started to focus on softball a lot. Once the opportunity came again to play in high school, I had to jump right on it. I love playing football just because it’s so different than any other sport,” Hines said.

Although football is a male-dominated sport, Hines’ accomplishment has proven that you can do anything, and when opportunities come, you must execute.

This season has been different for many high school recruits. Hines says that during this time she has been training harder than before.

“I’ve been putting in a lot of work. This season I’m going all out. We’re pushing each other hard and everyone’s just excited to compete,” Hines said.

The players aren’t the only ones excited to dominate this season. For head coach Stanley Goldstein, watching his team and Hines grow as a player has been an honor.

“I’m very proud that Sidney is having the opportunity to play flag football at the collegiate level. We’ve waited a long time for colleges to adopt this so I’m just proud to see her success,” Goldstein said.

As Hines’ high school days come to an end, her family members such as her aunt Mary Rose Hines believes her growth both on and off the field has impacted others.

“Watching her grow in her sport and lead other women around her to do great things is so inspiring for other people. She is such a leader on her team and we’re all so proud of her. When she wants something, she doesn’t give up until she gets there,” she said.

Hines’ accomplishment of becoming the first female to sign to play college flag football has not left her satisfied. This season Hines says the goal is to win a state championship ring. Right now the Chiles Timberwolves are undefeated (3-0).