Spring graduates eager to walk

Photo courtesy of Huffpost.com

Florida A&M University will conduct its first in-person graduation ceremonies for spring graduates after transitioning to strictly virtual ceremonies for May 2020 graduates.

Commencement arrangements are scheduled to begin Friday, April 23 and continue through Sunday, April 25.

FAMU’s College of Law graduates will be honored on Monday, May 10 in Orlando.

Alongside FAMU, Florida State University has also announced its proceedings as it shifts to in-person graduation ceremonies this semester.

Ashaye Little, a graduating senior this semester, said  she assumed the same virtual graduation protocols as prior semesters would be in place next month.

“In my mind I already assumed graduation was going to be virtual, being last semester it was virtual, so I assumed the same for this semester,” Little said. “Yet, when I found out it was going to be an in-person graduation I was happy because my family was going to be able to see me walk.”

As many others members of the Florida State University System began to consider in-person graduation ceremonies, guest limits have been enforced causing a slight frustration for some graduates.

University of Central Florida in Orlando has given its spring graduates two options: a grad walk across the stage with five guests of your choosing, or the traditional in-person commencement with two guests of your choosing.

UCF spring graduate Jordan Brown said he appreciates the initiative taken by her university, but would prefer a much more intimate ceremony with more than two of her family members in attendance.

“I’m personally not doing the in-person [graduation]. We are doing a small ceremony where we can have more loved ones attend,” Brown said.

FAMU College of Law graduates also have a four guest limit due to the celebration of graduates of the fall 2020, spring 2021, and summer 2021 classes.

Despite needed limitations, spring graduate Miles Sullivan is just appreciative to know that his four years of college have not been in vain.

“I believe that although virtual graduation may be safer than an in-person graduation, I feel that after four years of school, a graduation should be an intimate affair where students can at least be given the chance to walk across a stage as a show of acknowledgement for all those years of dedication and hard work,” Sullivan said.

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