Alexys Lynn makes every product from the heart

Alexys Lynn, owner of The Beauty Mark Shop. Photo courtesy Lynn

Love is in the hair, so you need a product that is made from the heart. When Alexys Lynn makes her natural hair growth oil, she makes every product from the heart.

Florida A&M University alumna Alexys Lynn is the founder and CEO of The Beauty Mark Shop. All products at The Beauty Mark Shop are all-natural and handmade by Lynn. The products include hair growth oil, hot oil treatment, oil strength/protection mist, root comb oil and eyebrow growth oil.

Lynn started her business to help and educate others on the importance of healthy hair and how to achieve luscious locks. Last July, she started her business after three years of creating her own hair growth oil.

“For about three years, I have been creating my own 100% natural hair growth oil,” Lynn said. “I started my business, because I actually used myself as a tester before releasing my products.”

After cutting her hair off in 2017, she was unsure what to do post-relaxer. This resulted in her testing her personal hair growth by developing her own hair oils.

“Now, creating my products just warms my heart because I know I am making a true product from the heart that truly stimulates hair growth,” Lynn said.

The Beauty Mark Shop logo. Photo courtesy Lynn

Lynn came up with the name The Beauty Mark Shop because she believes every woman has beauty marks.

“One mark begins with hair being able to stimulate hair growth from flaws that many people face, such as thinning, balding, slow baby hair growth and alopecia. Once a client witnesses results, they have been beauty marked,” Lynn said.

FAMU students Sha’Riauna Campbell and Xandria Chandler are loyal customers that have witnessed the results with their expectations exceeded.

“The Beauty Mark Hair Oil products continue to exceed my expectations. My hair has grown over four inches since I have begun using this product,” Campbell said. “Additionally, when I would get braids or locs, my scalp would always be dry or suffer from dandruff patches – the oil has helped to clear that up for me.”

According to Chandler, “All products are amazing but have different purposes. My favorite is the hot hair oil treatment, since it defines and softens your hair and the results are shown within the first use.”

Lynn is not your ordinary CEO. She makes sure to keep in touch with her clients and she even gives her clients hair tips.

“Every interaction I have had with Alexys has been very professional and comforting. She has always been excited to see how well my hair is growing and has even given my tips for length retention,” Campbell said.

Lynn continues to grow as a businesswoman everyday. Luckily for her, she has been very successful ever since she started, and it hasn’t been a year yet. Since last July, she has made a total of $11,943 in sales.

Lynn loves being an entrepreneur because she runs the show.  She’s in charge of her own hours, decisions, development plans for marketing including graphics, photography, writing for her business and more.

As The Beauty Mark Shop continues to grow and flourish, Lynn sees her business with two more business ventures.

“I plan to enter at least two more business ventures before the age of 30. For The Beauty Mark hair oil, I plan to gain enough exposure to fund my own mini warehouse or storefront in two years. I have big dreams and goals,” Lynn said. “I know with trusting and putting God first like I have been, I will reach my business goals.”

Be sure to check out The Beauty Mark Shop, you can follow the business on Instagram or visit the website.