Women’s History Month should be celebrated by all

Women History Month.
Photo courtesy of diversitystore.com

Women’s History Month is an annual declared month that highlights the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society. It is celebrated every March. It feels like we earned this month only because we weren’t appreciated and spoke out about it, so they gave us a day, then a week and then a whole month to silence us.

We are still not appreciated and still aren’t given the proper history lessons, or taught about the women in history as we should, especially, in high schools and middle schools. Rosa Parks wasn’t the first person to refuse to give up her seat; Claudette Colvin was. She refused to give up her seat nine months before Parks, but she is not widely as recognized. We’re still separated as a subcategory rather than a whole.

Dynasty Moore, a sophomore political science student, believes everyone should support Women’s History Month, especially men.

“Women, especially Black women, have been the backbone of society for decades,” said Moore. “We’ve encountered great deal of sexism and discrimination, yet, and still, we are always at the forefront of many movements fighting for justice and equality.”

To bring awareness to Women’s History Month, Moore will be participating in events held by Big Sister Little Sister Mentoring Program and utilizing Instagram stories to highlight some of the trailblazing women in history.

People, mainly men, don’t understand the importance of women and all of the things they have to go through. Women put their lives, mental and physical health on the line every day for the people they love without any recognition, or appreciation.

Kyle Smith, a sophomore general health science student, feels it is important to appreciate the female workers in our life to a certain instinct.

“Women are over-appreciated nowadays,” said Smith. “Through social media they can garner a large fan base of men without too much effort if they are beautiful.”

We should appreciate women regardless of the way they look. The number of likes you get, or how many followers you have doesn’t not determine how appreciated you are. If women were appreciated, there would be no question as to whether everyone should support women’s history month.

Kendall Johnson, a first year general health science student, thinks a lot of times women don’t get the respect they deserve and sometimes the hard work they do and the hardships they go through are unnoticed and aren’t appreciated.

“Women play such an important role in both men and women’s lives to continue to go unnoticed,” said Johnson.

To bring awareness to Women’s History Month Johnson is embracing self love and appreciation not just for herself, but promoting it for all women to practice.