iConquer Fitness Center is an empire in the making

Parnell Williams, owner of iConquer Fitness Center. Photo courtesy Tashante Evans

Gym owner and personal trainer, Parnell Williams, is no stranger to the fitness world in Tallahassee.

Known for his dance workout class, Flex n Twerk, “Splack” as his clients call him, has been getting the Tallahassee’s residents in shape since 2007.  As a former member of the Marching 100 and Strikers Dance Troupe, Williams has always had a passion for music and dance, therefore hecarried that passion into the start of his fitness brand. With the support of his wife and former band mate, Deanne, Williams has turned his brand into a force to be reckoned with.

When doing anything with his business, Williams says he has always stayed true to the same principle, “plan and follow through.” With his company’s plan eight years in the making, Williams was able to open his first gym location in 2019 under the rebranded name, iConquer Fitness Center.

Williams knew his company needed a revamp, and that he was no longer the person who started it over 10 years ago.

“Splack started Splack Fitness, but Parnell opened iConquer Fitness Center,” Williams said.

Even with a new gym location, Williams is always lending out his expertise to clients all over Tallahassee, including FAMU organizations. Director of University Bands, Dr. Shelby R. Chipman, genuinely believes in the iConquer brand and says that the collaboration has helped take the Marching 100 to the next level.

“We love that he unselfishly gives his time back to the organization that I’m sure has given so much to him,” Dr. Chipman said. “More importantly, the wisdom that he shares is just something that helps stimulate the beginning of each of our marching band seasons.”

iConquer Fitness Center logo. Photo courtesy iConquer Fitness Center

Dr. Chipmam entrusts the Marching 100’s fitness into Williams and affectionately named him the band’sofficial trainer.

Williams knew that his goals exceeded far beyond the four walls of his first gym, which is why his decision to relocate was a no brainer. Within a week, Williams was in his new facility, and he feels like his purpose as a trainer and business owner can be better accommodated.

The new gym features a layout that ensures clients will be adequately accommodated within their workouts. It provides opportunity for more personal sessions with its private weight room and equipment area. Some other new features are the lounge area, a bathroom with shower accessand a kids safe zone.The facility is also equipped with turf and hardwood flooring areasthat are utilized for various classes and workout sessions.

Strikers Dance Troupe and Mahogany Dance Theatre have utilized the gym for practices in the past, and Williams plans to continueoffering that service at the new facility.

Family and service are two main values within iConquer Fitness Center, so it’s only natural for employees to feel right at home with the company. Senior pre-occupational therapy major and Mahogany member, Ericka Still, runs an early morning session for the gym. She has been with the company through many transitions and has gained a family away from home.

“Being that I have only been training with Splack for a short time, I’m so proud and blessed to be a part of this journey,” Still said. “Splack is more than just a trainer, and iConquer is more than just a gym. Being apart has kept my physical body healthy as well as spiritually balanced.”

Williams has big plans for his new facility that he hopes to start carrying out in the near future. His vision is to one day own the entire building that he is currently in, transform it into iConquer Fitness Complex and fill each vacancy with amenities that will be extensions of his brand. With the addition, Williams hopes to provide jobs and resources for the community as well as elevate as a fitness company.As he adds the finishing touches to his new location and prepares for a soft opening, Williams continues to look forward to thefuture and what it has in store for iConquer.

To learn more, contact the gym during regular business hours (8 a.m.- 8 p.m.) at 850-792-6335 or email iConquerFitnessCenter@gmail.com. You can also visit the gym located at 1999 North Monroe St.