Gen Z and social media

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Generation Z, also known as Gen Z, speaks out on their dislike for social media. Gen Z are those born from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s. This tech savvy generation are turning away from using social media which was at an all-time high at the beginning of the never-ending global pandemic.

Observations show that since the pandemic the use of social media among Gen Z has increased and with that, they are requiring a detox from social media. 34% of Gen Z revealed that they are quitting social media indefinitely and 64% are taking a break. Further into the lockdown Gen Z became more disengaged in social media.

During the beginning of the lockdown people turned to social media as their main source of entertainment, to stay in touch with friends and family, also to keep up with news and trends around the world. But the overuse of social media can come with a price. Social media can be a distraction, cause depression, and cause insecurities.

Studies show that 72% of Gen Z say that people their age are too distracted by social media. Distractions can cause an effect on grades, daily responsibilities and cause a lack of motivation.

Assata Khafani, a Gen Z student from Howard University, speaks out on her views on social media. “There’s just so many other productive things that can be done instead of being on social media.”

With media platforms it is easy to become invested and sucked into other people’s lives. Depression is also a factor of daily social media interactions. According to a new research survey, more than 1,000 18-24 year olds in America feel anxious, sad, or depressed from platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. This can create an overwhelming feeling that you are not doing enough. Also fear that you will not become successful and make it to wear you really want to be because of what you see on social media.

“The downside of social media is the façade people put on for social media. The idea that everyone is living the perfect life. Social media, Instagram especially, will have people living above their means just to look fly or thinking every woman is supposed to have a coke bottle figure. I hate that part of social media and learned not to fall victim to it because it’s definitely a disease.” Khafani stated.

It can come off as a shock in this day and age when someone announces that they do not like social media. But with the mental effect that comes with these social media platforms it might not be after all. Scrolling social media can be very draining on the mind. Replace logging into social media with journaling, exercising, catching up on homework, and actually taking pride in how far you have come. People only upload what they want to be seen. They will hardly ever show the bad.