This alumna is all about love

SiTerra Wallace-Walker, owner of LOVE 28 and author of the newly released book “Show Love Now.” Photo courtesy Wallace-Walker

Florida A&M University alumna SiTerra Wallace-Walker has published a book alongside the creation of her  LOVE 28 brand to put an end to the complexities of love.

Wallace-Walker, a Tallahassee resident, attended FAMU in 1996 where she received her bachelor’s in sociology and criminal justicebefore earning a master’s in social work.

Ive been an entrepreneur for years. I have had several businesses over the years. I love owning my own business,” Wallace-Walker said. LOVE 28 is actually a movement to encourage positive interpersonal relationships. Our motto and acronym is Let Our Values Emerge. Along with the book we also released a line of clothing that has our logo on them.

“The goal is to have everyone showing love by wearing our apparel all over the United States, then in countries all over the world,” she added.

For many people, the idea of love can be quite intimidating. The book, “Show Love Now,” touches on Wallace-Walker’s relationship with her father, the frailty of life, the dissipation of time, and the importance of showing love in relationships.

Anandah Brandy, a FAMU student from the island of St. Marteen, says that she is eager to dive into her copy of “Show Love Now.”

I got my order of Show Love Nowin paperback so that I can always have it on the go,” Brandy said.‘Show Love Now’ expresses in different chapters the different aspects of love, and how to attract a positive flow of love vibes into your life. I call it my guideline to love.”

The impact of not being able to properly show love, affects the Black community more than any other race, Wallace-Walker said. According to an article written in Our Weekly …Unlike other racial groups, African Americans often encounter unique societal challenges that impact their mood, self-esteem, and mental health.”

Wallace-Walker is hopeful that the book as well as her brand can encourage, uplift and inspire a generation. The title “Show Love Now” directs the reader to action.  Im asking the world to make time to show someone you sincerely care.  Since you care, you can express that through an action,” Wallace-Walker said. Additionally, I give the reader opportunities to note people that come to mind in the various vignettes while also giving suggestions of how to reach out.

It is more necessary now than ever to be eager to allow those you value to know how much they are appreciated. With the effects of COVID-19 lurking around every corner, people are quickly losing motivation. Wallace-Walker feels that knowing the importance of loving and being loved is everything.

As a company we are very serious about our motto to let our values emerge. We all have some level of connection to values,Wallace-Walker said. One key value is we believe that it will take love and kindness to reach people. We practice this as part of the culture of the company.

“Show Love Now” was released on Feb. 14, which happens to be both SiTerra Wallace-Walkers anniversary as well as Valentine’s Day. The book is available for purchase on Amazon and merchandise for LOVE 28 will be available soon, Wallace-Walker said.