Are you in love with your Black business?

Image courtesy Zoom

The National Council of Negro Women hosted a virtual event on Wednesday:  “Fall in love with your Black-owned business.”

It featured entrepreneurs who are FAMU students as they discussed their businesses and their journeys.

The three entrepreneurs who provided insight were Nicholas Jonas, owner of Stretch Life Visuals; Kourtlan Carter, owner of rich youth; and Javier Reboyras, co-founder of FIASCO clothing company.

Jonas, a transfer student from North Florida Community College in nearby Madison, talked about his business, Stretch Life Visuals, a photography and video company. The Tallahassee-based photographer talked about the challenges of being a photographer on campus. The hard part, he said, is working with friends or trying to be friendly to customers about the time factor for a photo-shoot.

The main problem that he addressed is that sometimes people are late for photo-shoots or do not consider the photography time. Stretch directed audience members to follow his Instagram page, @stretchlifevisuals.

“At the end of the day, you have to realize that it’s a business, and you can’t do everything,” Jonas said. “If you want extra time, you have to pay for it.”

Kourtlan Carter, a transfer student from Auburn University, is the CEO/owner of The KCARTER Collection and the Rich Youth Lifestyle. The KCARTER Collection is the place to go for wigs, while the Rich Youth Lifestyle specializes in fashion and apparel.

Along with her businesses, she has a boss life class with a hands-on class where she provides tips on the basics of creating a business. With this class, participants receive two shirts and a notebook. To find more information on Carter’s businesses and class, follow her Instagram pages — and @thekcartercollection.

Reboyras, the co-founder of FIASCO clothing company, discussed the details of entrepreneurship.

Reboyras launched his brand in October of 2019, and he talked about the hardships of starting a business. Entrepreneurs are taking risks when they start a business that most are afraid to take, he said. However, Rebroyas encouraged those looking to start a business because of the benefits connected to it.

“For all those who want to make a business or have a business,” Reboyras said. “Even if you have to spend a lot of money just think about the knowledge and experience of doing it.”

Reboyras also mentioned that FIASCO would partner with C’est La Vie for a fashion show to be held at Potbelly’s near FSU’s campus. For more information, follow their Instagram page, @fiasco.apparel.

Toward the end of this event, SBI Professor LaTanya White, in a pre-recorded video, talked about her Dynastic Wealth Building Strategist company. As a strategist, White focuses on wealth accumulated throughout generations rather than just one.

In this video, White presented tips on businesses, such as LLCs, Do’s and Don’ts of a business, and how to start a business.