Is Hive the new Instagram?

Hive Social App logo and browse page. Photo courtesy

Hive Social app is becoming an overnight sensation with Gen Z. Developed in 2019 by 22-year-old CEO, Cassandra Pop, the social media app is described by users as a combination of the best of Twitter, Instagram and Myspace.

Although the app was created in 2019, it did not receive traction until recently on Feb. 2, where it went viral on TikTok and Twitter gaining 130,000 users overnight. According to, Pop owes the viral promotion to TikTok’er Imani Lewis whose video sparked the interest of social media connoisseurs. Pop told Teen Vogue that the app had only 15,000 users before that time, but by Feb. 6 the app was getting 1,000 downloads every 5 minutes.

“I felt exhilarated yet calm because I’ve been preparing for this moment for a long time. I always knew if I kept working at it, eventually, people would like the app and it would get attention,” Pop said. “I realized it wasn’t that the app was bad, but it just needed some exposure.”

Hive Social app provides all of the common features of today’s social media platforms, such as following, sharing, reposts and replying to any post. Unlike Instagram, the new platform’s features allow for a more organic social media experience where users are able to engage each other and use certain features without needing a specific amount of followers. 

The Hive app also gains points for its chronological news feed that Instagram went away with when they implicated the new algorithm for their app. The platform allows enjoyers to share photos and videos which gives users the Instagram feel. Hive also draws inspiration from Twitter by allowing users to share status updates using text and GIFs. With all the fun features available on the app, users are most excited about the personalized music section available on the profile page of Hive accounts. 

This feature spoons out classic Myspace nostalgia, since the app was the last to allow the ability to have music playing while users visited profiles. For most Gen Z’ers who were not able to enjoy the Myspace experience while it was here, this feature comes as a complete breath of fresh air as it allows users to show more of their personal side. According to, the first song selection is free and 99 cents for any song after that is selected via Apple Music.

With Hive making a stamp in the social media world, this poses the question: Is Hive the new Instagram? Junior pre-pharmacy student Keondra Hatten says even though she does not personally use the app, it would be nice to explore something more user friendly.

“Instagram has recently become more business oriented, which has taken a toll of its users,” Hatten said. “A brand new social media platform can easily take over with the promise of less ads and easier set up.”

The Hive app is not available to Android users just yet, but can be downloaded through the Apple App Store by iPhone users. With the app still in its early stages, only time will tell if it will become the new Instagram. According to, the company is hoping to introduce a live-streaming feature as well as work-out recent bugs in the app to help promote its growth.