Review: ‘Malcolm & Marie’ offers lessons in relationships

Photo courtesy Netflix

“Malcolm & Marie” is a recent Netflix original film that stars actress Zendaya and actor John David Washington. Zendaya and Washington were also the film’s producers.

 The black-and-white movie revolves around the effects of the culture of media, music, and film in a relationship.

The film’s beginning portrays the couple from the outside looking in, as the camera dollies back and forth outside.

As the movie starts, there is an upbeat song that signifies Malcolm’s excitement as he has had a great night at his movie premiere.

This romantic film takes to play in one sitting the house of Malcolm and Marie. The beginning of the movie starts with a long monologue by Malcolm.

An argument surrounds the movie after Malcolm did not thank his girlfriend, Marie, in the speech that he gave at his movie premiere. Marie was upset because she felt that her boyfriend, Malcolm, had not recognized her.

This film gives important reminders to its audience about the deeper part of relationships that happen behind closed doors. I believe that’s why it was filmed entirely in the comfort of the couple’s house because the movie directors were telling the story of a relationship behind doors — the relationship that no one else sees.

As the film progresses, the argument shows the laughter behind a relationship as well. It doesn’t only portray the darkest moments of the connection but also the happy times.

The movie explores the lack of jealousy in the relationship of a Black couple. Marie points out that Malcolm doesn’t get jealous of other men because he is worried about his career.

“I feel like once you know someone is there for you and once you know they love you, you never actually think of them again,” Marie said when discussing how she feels that her significant other thinks about her.

It also focuses on the couple’s darkest secrets and their opinions about each other are thrown in each other’s faces at some point in the relationship. These opinions are expressed in the most climatic ways possible, which gives the movie a feeling of tenseness.

“You can’t imagine that the reason that I’m with you is that I love you,” Malcolm tells Marie as he points out the fact that she thinks that he is with her only because he needs her.

As the movie continues, it seems that it is based on the importance of music in their relationship. This is what carries the film, as the couple starts finding themselves in their relationship again.

“Thank you.”

That’s all Marie wants to hear her significant other say to her. Hearing Malcolm say thank you is what the movie circles back to. A simple thank you. No matter how busy our lives are, just thank you for being there for me.