Biden’s child tax credit would help struggling families

FAMU alumna Ashley Flete hopes that Biden’s plan will allow her to start a college fund for her daughter. Photo courtesy Flete

Lower-income families are regularly pursuing new options to help support their households.

Whether that involves securing a second job, creating a new business or working overtime, these families are often forced to deliver under pressure.

House Democrats in Washington on Monday introduced what would become a wide-ranging bill to implement President Joe Biden’s proposed $1.9 trillion economic aid package.

For those who are eligible, that would mean extra cash for one year via a refund check.

A monthly benefit up to $300 per child would be disbursed as a method for President Biden to honor his commitment to increase the value of the alleged child tax credit and help more families. Even households with little to no income will be able to reap the benefits.

“Parents can always use extra cash, especially lower and middle-class families. Feeding, clothing and generally taking care of kids is expensive and that’s just their basic needs. Once you add-in toys, field trips, and luxuries like that, things can get out of hand fast,” said Chris Ford, a local father of five.

Ashley Flete, a Florida A&M University alumna, appreciates the importance of putting a plan in place to support impoverished families.

“I would definitely put the extra funds toward my daughter’s college fund. That money will go directly to her one day to strengthen her future and provide that extra support. If we don’t put a plan in place to help our lower income communities then we are just adding to issues like poverty and homelessness,” she said.

The child care tax would expire within a year for all households. However, several lawmakers are pushing to permanently increase child benefits and significantly reduce child poverty in the United States.

“The cost of living is rising every year. Being a single mother, it can get difficult to meet all of the needs of a child when you are essentially taking on the job of two. I believe this bill will be helpful for emergencies and those unexpected sick days,” said state of Florida employee Magnolia Norton.

Flete continues to be hopeful that the Biden-Harris administration can provide some encouragement to parents.

“The passing of this bill will be a current solution that will have future impact. If we can start improving these conditions now we can receive successful results to come. If the bill isn’t long-standing, as parents we must still find the willpower to support our families despite the circumstances,” Flete said.