Will COVID overrule Cupid on Valentine’s Day?

Couple Travon Girley and Jasmine Simon. Photo courtesy: @travoncre8s via Instagram

Valentines Day, historically known as St. Valentines Day and annually celebrated on the 14th of February, is where chivalry is proven to still be alive and well.

But this year is different. Valentine’s Day has become a conflicting love story between couples and COVID-19.

Many couples have either downplayed their original plans, or have completely thrown them away. Yet in this particular case, one bad apple doesnt spoil the entire bunch.

Travon Girley and Jasmine Simon may have canceled outside plans, but indoors are definitely still on the table for this couple.

We made a plan in unison that we would both enjoy, which includes a personal chef, a nice candlelit dinner and an ambiance-filled evening,” Girley and Simon said.

On the contrary, Onryll Lewis along with her partner Isaiah Scott, have kept their traveling plans concrete.

We’re going to Panama City to spend some alone time together,” Lewis said. We just enjoy being able to hang out together on Valentines Day. He makes it special and I appreciate that.”

Along with millions of other American couples, Valentines Day — for decades now — has always been a day of exposure toward gratitude, abundance and love from your significant other. While many wont allow COVID-19 to squash that tradition, many will.

Feb. 14 — Valentines Day — is a complete 24 hours of reassurance that your assumed unrequited love is shared among both parties, creating a sole balance of understanding deeper than what was understood between you both on Feb. 13.

Girley chimes in with similar commentary.

I think that Valentines Day can be a great way to recenter your relationship in terms of love. We all have obligations like work, family, and everything else so I think its normal to get a bit lost every now and again as it relates to your relationship. Valentines Day being used as a way to get back to what youre used to is what it could be significant for,” Girley said.

Scott has slightly opposing views. He likes to believe that his affection and attention are a daily ritual.

Valentines Day is everyday in this relationship,” Scott said.

Overall, love will be shared abundantly between millions of couples from sea to shining sea, so kudos to those willing to continue the celebration of love.