Experts: Wear two masks

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Coronavirus deaths have declined in the past 10 days, but health professionals worry that with the new and more powerful strains of COVID, those deaths may rise again. Research has shown that now you may inhale less and be more harmed by the new wave of coronavirus.

Recently, some high-profile leaders have begun wearing two masks.

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has begun a new study on whether wearing two masks versus one is favorable.

Scientists are working toward creating one effective mask that will be protective.

Scientists have also discovered the advantages of doubling masks. It will build layers which helps the filtration potential. By having strong filters between your mouth and nose and others around you, the less likely you are to come in contact with harmful particles.

Its increasing your protection by the added benefit of that surgical mask,” Christopher Zangmeister, a scientist who studies aerosols at the National Institutes of Standards and Technology, told

The CDC recommends Americans  wear a snug-fitting mask with multiple layers, as well a mask that is washable over the surgical masks.

While walking outside, six feet away from others, wearing one mask is safe. When going in public places such as the grocery store or work, scientists suggest doubling your masks for more protection.

 “Those standard cloth masks might be around 50 percent effective in terms of protecting yourself,”  Linsey Marr, a Virginia Tech engineering professor, told The Washington Post.

Nia Spaulding, a fourth year education major at Florida A&M, believes  wearing two masks will be very effective.

I have heard that people are being encouraged to wear two masks. Personally, I think thats a great initiative. Especially since so many people want to still be ‘fashionable’ and choose to wear cloth masks that wont even prevent germs of viral bacteria from spreading. After some people in my family were infected with COVID-19 I decided to wear two masks. I will wear a hospital grade one under a cloth mask to make sure I am keeping myself as safe as possible,”  Spaulding said.

Although more research is being done on whether or not two masks will be helpful, experts are fearful that Americans who have lost faith in the government’s ability to improve safety protocols, will not practice effective mask behavior.

Some Americans are opposed to doubling their masks because they fear it will prevent them from breathing.

Many studies have shown that wearing two masks does not impede oxygen consumption. Wearing two masks will still allow you to receive the proper amount of oxygen needed.