Review: ‘WandaVision’ more than a sitcom

Photo courtesy of Disney+

“WandaVision,” the first Marvel television series, gives a new spin on the Marvel franchise and speaks to the continuity of the Marvel series’ production.

“WandaVision,” which can be viewed only on Disney Plus, focuses on Marvel characters Vision and Wanda Maximoff. The series staged after Marvel’s “Avengers: Endgame,” first seems to be a sitcom during the first two episodes. Yet as the series continues, it becomes evident that the sitcom displayed in reality being changed by Wanda’s power of telekinesis and energy manipulation.

Episode five is the most pivotal of the series. In this episode, several Easter eggs give insight into the purpose of the series and future events. Throughout the episode, Marvel foreshadows Wanda’s brother through the lines told by different characters.

In this episode, there are moments that define the future of the show and the future of the Marvel Universe as a whole. The end is expressed through the characters’ dialogue, showing the importance of the writing and events recalled throughout the Marvel Universe.

The dialogue in this episode is critical because it shows stories beyond the “WandaVision” series. The first indication of this theory is obvious when Captain Monica Rambeau, a character from “Captain Marvel,” displays a nonchalant attitude toward the mention of Captain Marvel. The simple gesture she makes at Captain Marvel’s name will be necessary for future reference, as most Marvel fans know – you can’t ignore the small things when it comes to this universe.

The end of the episode is what makes the show so important to the Marvel universe. The first reason is that Vision realizes that the community that he finds himself living in, WestView, is controlled by Wanda. After confronting Wanda, it is evident that Wanda’s plan to alter reality is flawed. With a flawed strategy to change the fact, Wanda will have to face the reality of Vision’s death or eliminate the problems starting to arise in her world.

Another Easter egg emerges when Wanda’s brother, Pietro, utters three words: “She recast Pietro?” may have shown the thorough thought process to create both this series and movies in the Marvel Universe. This line shows Marvel writers’ complete thought process because this is an attempt to break the fourth wall, in which Darcy is announcing the recast of Pietro in the Marvel series – beyond “WandaVision.” As Pietro, Peter Evans, who Marvel introduces its fans to, initially played in the X-Men series as a mutant.

Throughout the series, there are Easter eggs given to viewers for use shortly or far-reaching future in the MCU – will they be necessary for Marvel’s future? Only future movies can tell, but for now, the “WandaVision” series gives purpose to the MCU as a whole.

As the fifth episode shows  – “WandaVision” is more than a sitcom.