A Valentine’s Day made in Africa

Photo courtesy @HalisiAfrica on Instagram.

The moment of truth is fast approaching, so it’s time to be honest: Have you established a new Valentine’s Day resolution?

Please do us all — especially your fed-up partner — a favor and make 2020 the last year for the usual, last-minute gas station or Dollar Tree gifts of cheap and stale Hershey chocolate kisses and fake flowers. Do you even care that they are not the color your partner prefers?

This is the year we take our romantic gestures up a notch and into a new place with an affordable yet luxurious trip to Halisi Africa, which means “made in Africa.” The African-infused boutique offers custom men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, jewelry, purses, delicious food, and much more.

“The whole point of the boutique is to showcase Africa. We carry items from Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Tanzania, just about all over. So, I think we will be able to appeal to a lot of different people as there is pretty much something for everyone here” Vanessa Byrd, co-owner, said in an interview.

Photo courtesy @HalisiAfrica on Instagram.

On the official website, HalisiAfrica.com, they are now featuring Valentine’s Day inspired apparel for both men and women with their latest two-piece sets from the “Valentine’s Day meets Black love” edition.

In addition, to wowing your partner with beautifully designed custom garments, the “Afro-fusion” food that is served inside the Zanzi bar is also a sure hit with your date on Feb. 14 — or any other night.

“Our food prices are great, we start at only $3.50 for tasting plates. We also allow our customers to sample and try out about three or four items to see if you like it before purchasing more. I believe that we are the least expensive in town,” Byrd said.

With a menu featuring savory items such as tajine chicken, berbere salmon, and Gomen, which are Ethiopian infused collard greens, you are sure to be  destined for an immediate food coma upon arrival.

Located in Railroad Square Art District, this local business is everything but local as you will be able to enter a new world of experiences.

So, if you are sick and tired of waking up in the doghouse year after year because you do not have a place to take your Valentine on a date that will have her knocking on your front door in no time, look no further than Halisi Africa.