Some local CBD shops thriving

Elaina Eyeler, an employee at CBD+Bar. Photo by Tatyiana Hayes

Tallahassee’s CBD shops around Tallahassee appear to have developed a loyal customer base even with the pandemic on a rise.

Employees at different CBD shops and bars around town explained the effects that the pandemic has had and the differences between them was mostly based on their  clientele’s age range.

Shops that are experiencing major downturns in their business have a clientele range of between 50-60 years old. Several shops are geared more toward college students and have thrived during the pandemic.

Tallulah CBD+Bar is a shop that has a clientele that ranges from all age groups and they have a space that is large enough to adhere to CDC guidelines. Enforcing the “no mask no entry” policy and expanding their shop online to accommodate those who choose not to come in the store.

“Since 2020 was such a dumpster fire, it has been good for business since CBD is awesome,” Elaina Eyeler, an employee, said.

Since the pandemic hit, the CBD business experienced a large increase in online sales. For CBD shops like Tallulah-CBD, online sales are just as good as in-store sales. However, shops that have an older clientele have noticed a downfall in both in-store and online business.

Your CBD Store has experienced a 60% drop in sales, even while offering shipping, curbside and pickup.

Jason Krum, the owner of Your CBD Store Tallahassee, acknowledged that he would lose some money due to job cuts. However, he never expected the company’s sales to drop as low as they did.

“It’s almost liked a switch was cut off,” Krum said.

Both Eyeler and Krum explained their gratitude for CBD as it has helped them deal with many complications that they dealt with whether it was physical or emotional.

During the pandemic, CBD has been a go-to due to all the sicknesses people have endured after testing positive for COVID-19.

CBD is used to reduce pain, reduce anxiety and depression, reduces acne and so much more. The shops in Tallahassee offer CBD in many forms to adhere to the people who would like to intake it the “normal” way in smoking.

To accommodate all ages, and people needing help dealing with these things, it’s offered in oils, creams, gummies, and other ways to adhere to whatever a student or someone else may have.