Tuition, fees need to be reduced for remote learning

Many Florida A&M University Students are wondering if tuition being lowered is a possibility in the midst of a global pandemic. Photo Courtesy Tazjhani Baker

It is no secret that college tuition is and has always been expensive. Among other things, college is made up of a lot more than just the education factors. There is the vital impact of the experience as well .

Which leads to the question: Should tuition be lowered, due to far fewer in-person classes?

 Florida A&M University made the decision to reopen campus with distinct safety measures that included a new concept of virtual courses. The limitation of in-person classes caused many students not to return to campus and work via Zoom. At the beginning of the semester, President Larry Robinson and the university allowed for a handful of classes to meet in person while many more remained remote or hybrid (a mix of in person-and online).

An email was released that stated: Florida A&M University President Larry Robinson, Ph.D., announced plans to expand the period of remote learning at the start of the Spring 2021 semester in an effort to safeguard the health of students, faculty and staff.”

Classes began  on Wednesday, Jan. 6, as originally planned; however, all instruction was delivered remotely through Friday, Jan. This meant that  all spring semester face-to-face, hybrid, and Hyflex classes were meeting remotely between Jan. 6 and Jan. 15.

For many students, online learning is not ideal —especially with in-person prices. It’s harder for students to learn online,” said Florida A&M sophomore McKenzie Reese, with all circumstances taken into consideration, it should be no question if the tuition should be lowered.”

Many students are feeling more discouraged about the new virtual learning. The restrictions of on-campus interactions with both peers and professors have stifled some collegiate experiences. The argument can be made that paying for courses that you take in the comfort of your home, or for resources that you can not physically use, is a bit drastic.

Even if the university does not lower tuition, it should be mandated that students who are not physically on campus be waived of technology fees, healthcare fees and the transportation fees. It makes no sense that we are being charged for things that we can not use remotely.

Students are struggling to stay afloat as far as expenses. With the pandemic playing a major factor in the already stressful situation of paying for college. There is little to no time to find resources to help alleviate financial burdens. Some parents are even unhappy about the unnecessary charges.

I personally can not understand the need to pay for things that you can not benefit from. My daughter has been working from home for a semester now, and most of the time, it seems she is teaching herself,” Florida A&M University parent Crystal Brooks said.In addition to that, we are paying for technology fees when she is using the technology and wifi that I have supplied her.”

Having to pay for certain fees that you can not personally use would be a burden to anyone, especially during a pandemic. The tuition should be lessened or certain fees should be waived. The use of adding unnecessary financial pressure to students during a pandemic is not beneficial to their learning experience.