Mixed verdict for first week of HyFlex classes

Photo courtesy The phoenix.com

After months of not being on campus, more students are adjusting to having HyFlex classes or FAMU Flex classes. Before being able to come back on campus all students and faculty were required to get tested for COVID-19.

Students and faculty coming to campus must get tested biweekly with undergraduate students Jan. 25-30 and faculty and graduate students Feb. 1-6.

Some students have mixed feelings about going back to in-person classes and are concerned about their health and safety. Some are also happy to be almost back to normal.

“Honestly the first week was a little rigorous but it’s going to take some getting used to again. I’m very comfortable, I prefer having in-person classes because that’s a part of my learning style,” FAMU senior computer science student Ennis McCorvey IV said.

Remote learning has taken a toll on a lot of students and their learning styles with some seeing their grades suffer.

Health is a major concern for students who must attend in-person or HyFlex classes . “I think it was entirely too premature. It brings me to anxiety to go to class when I know there are people around me who may not be taking COVID as seriously as me,” junior animal science student Brianna Lambert said.

Professors were sent emails to comment on the change to HyFlex classes, but they did not respond.

According to the state Department of Health, daily new cases are averaging more than 200 a day in Leon County. Hospitalizations have increased from 129 to 135 in the last week.

This causes students who have to attend in-person classesto worry. “There is no way we can have classes and have so many people coming in contact with each other on campus without a significant increase,” Lambert said.

With more in-person contact this could also promote classes going back to remote or even a complete shut down.

“I believe that remote learning is the direction we are headed as an educational system.The issue is academic integrity, and the wanting of personal relationships with constituents attending university,” junior business administration student Nigel Reese said.

HyFlex classes could be a step toward a promising future to get things back to normal and have more in-person classes and even on-campus events.