A preview of Black History Month events in Tallahassee

Black History Alliance was created by the Black History Month Festival. Photo courtesy Black History Alliance website

There are only days until the beginning of February, which is Black History Month. Many people congregate together to celebrate all of the achievements made by African Americans.

With COVID-19 cases continuing to roil the nation, a variety of events that usually occur in-person will go virtual this year.

One Tallahassee organization known as the Black History Alliance will host several virtual events throughout the next few weeks.

Valencia Scott, an employee with the Black History Alliance, says their goal is to promote positive experiences for people of different ethnic backgrounds.

“Black History Month Festival’s advisory council started a new nonprofit, Black History Alliance, for year-round coordination of educational, civic and social events to provide culturally enriching experiences for individuals of all ethnic backgrounds,” Scott said.

 Their upcoming event is the Facebook Live Kickoff Reception for Black History Month Festival on Feb. 1.

The first event held by the Black History Alliance was the MLK Jr. “Letter from The Birmingham Jail” essay and videocontest. It took place on Jan. 15, which was the 92ndanniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday.

The kickoff reception will recognize the winners of the essay and video contest, along with the winners of the Eva B. Mannings’ “I Am BLACK HISTORY” Family Traditions essay contest.

Scott recently sent out a press release addressing upcoming events that will be held throughout the month of February.

“Black History Month officially kicks off a month-long series of events in February with the burial of its February 2020 time capsule, which was delayed last March due to COVID-19 closure of the site,” Scott said. “The kickoff will also feature the unveiling of the new Black Heritage stamp by the United States Postal Service, and a drive-thru Caribbean dinner, which requires advance purchase on the group’s website www.blackhistoryalliance.org.”

Black History Alliance will also host several events throughout February, which includes virtual tours of the south side, Frenchtown and downtown neighborhoods in Tallahassee, and Blacks in the Catholic Church seminars.

Florida A&M University student Patricia Crawford looks forward to attending any Black History Month activity.

“I plan to participate because Black History Month is very important to me,” Crawford said. “It’s a celebration of our culture and a time to reflect on our history and appreciate all those who have paved the way for us to be here today. I also plan to participate in Black History Month activities because it brings together the local communities.”

Florida State University student Nydia Donaldson wants to participate in any activity she’s interested in.

“If I find some activities I’m interested in, then I would love to participate in some,” Donaldson said. “I want to become more involved and get to know more about the different parts of my culture.”

Anyone who wants to learn more about upcoming events, sponsorships and volunteer opportunities with the Black History Alliance can visit their website at www.blackhistoryalliance.org.