‘Soul’ appeals to multiple generations

Collage made by Skylar Boone pictures from Disney Plus website

When you hear the word “soul,” many things probably come to mind. But is it one of the newest Disney Pixar collaborations?

As the years go on we have learned that Disney and DisneyPlus are not just for kids and tweens. The streaming service offers shows and movies targeted toward a more mature audience such as films like “Hamilton.” 

“It was very inspirational to watch the character development of Joe change from being selfish to helping the lost soul of 22 find her purpose,” said Nur Suleiman. “It was a great reflection of how we need help sometimes to make big changes in ourselves.”

Suleiman, a junior at Florida AL&M, said she was excited to see the movie and watched it during the Christmas break. She even got a little teared up, she said. She said she enjoyed how the characters helped each other. 

According to Disney Plus’ description, “Jamie Foxx stars in Pixar’s ‘Soul,’ a comedy about what makes you …YOU.”

FAMU sophomore and St.Louis native Breche’ DaValt also watched the film around Christmas and felt like the movie was very deep. She said she would recommend it to teens and older ages because it is a little complicated for younger kids to understand.

“Even though the movie was made for kids it had a complex plot, which made you reflect on life and the impact you have on the world and others,” DeValt said.

Andrew Chiwara, an agricultural business major at FAMU, watched the movie in December and said it was a decent movie but he didn’t see why it was getting all the hype.

“If you’re looking for something to watch, sure, but it’s not something I’d watch a second time if I didn’t have to,” Chiwara said.

Chiwara said it was advertised as a movie for Black people, and he acknowledges that it did have real staples of the culture. He said that  like a many animated movies with Black main characters, he turned into an animal halfway through the movie, which lowered the quality of the movie. 

Although the movie has been out for almost a month, not everyone has seen it for different reasons, from not enough time to thinking it’s for kids.

Miss Sophomore Jade Franklin has not seen the “Soul” but she is preparing to get a bucket of popcorn and dive in. She heard how good it was and how motivating it could be. She said she thinks it would be nice to start 2021 off with a cool movie that has a meaning.

“Animated characters that are Black and that have Black features depicted correctly always win me over,” Franklin said. 

Disney and Pixar have collaborated to bring us a film with deeper meaning than most Disney films, but it’s up to you to watch it and find a meaning for yourself.