You may want to create a vision board for 2021

Sample of a physical vision board. Photo courtesy

Creating a vision board is an experience that can have many benefits. It helps you visualize things in new ways and lay out your goals. The act of making one is enjoyable for some, and you can design them using different methods that work for you.

With the start of the new year, many people made vision boards to display their goals for 2021. The month of January is about halfway over now, but it is not too late to create a vision board for the remaining 11 months in the year.

An article on written by Stephanie Mansour discusses some of the benefits of making a vision board.

It was such a creative and fun way to think about my goals. I found more out-of-the-box images and words that I wouldn’t normally think of when writing out resolutions in a journal. It felt like I was using a totally different part of my brain to come up with my goals,”  Mansour said in the article.

Jalicia Blair, a sophomore biochemistry student at Florida State University, and Toni Allen, a senior psychology student at FSU, made vision boards in a group setting with another friend. They made physical vision boards considering their short and long-term goals.

I purchased some magazines, reflected on last year and made a plan for how I wanted to approach this year. I found some pictures that correlated to the plan and separated it into short and long term,” Blair said.

Sample of a digital vision board. Photo courtesy

The goals that Blair and Allen included on their boards were different, even though they made them in a group setting. Blairs goals included working on confidence and finding peace within. She also wants to travel.

Some of my goals include cooking more, saving up for a home and maintaining a healthy relationship,” Allen said.

Making physical vision boards is one option, but some people chose to create digital vision boards to map out their plans for the year. Christian Blue, a sophomore biology student at Florida A&M University, is one of those people.

Blue created his digital vision board during a virtual vision board party hosted by @vrtlbookclb on Instagram. The party was hosted by the pages creator, Mia Uzzell, via Zoom.

In the Zoom event, Mia had us download an app called Canva where we mapped out some of our goals and aspirations for 2021. We made pictures and graphics that made our visions come to life,” Blue said.

Blair, Allen and Blue all explained that they enjoyed creating their vision boards and would suggest that others do the same. Blue especially suggests that people who feel stuck in life make one to help them. Allen suggests maybe making two separate boards to organize short and long-term goals.

If you have not created a vision board, the year is just getting started and you may want to consider making one for yourself. Check out this article from for more information on vision boards and how you can create one physically or digitally.