Biology major creates boutique clothing line

Tamerry Carry, owner of Eunoia by Drew. Photo courtesy Carry

If you can’t find the outfits you’re looking for in Tallahassee, you might find them at Eunoia by Drew.

A senior biology student at Florida A&M University, Tamerry Carry is the owner of Eunoia by Drew, an affordable women’s clothing boutique that offers club wear, casual wear,  streetwear and accessories. The idea for the business came to mind when Carry wanted to become her own boss and she wasn’t pleased with shopping options in Tallahassee.  

“I knew I wanted to sell women’s clothing. Being from Miami, I’m used to being able to go to the mall and find what I want or finding a boutique and picking up clothes. But it’s a little different here. There aren’t as many options so I wanted to find things that I’ve seen on Instagram that I knew people wanted but couldn’t find in Tallahassee,” Carry said.

She wanted the business to have a unique name. She searched and came across the word Eunoia, which means beautiful thinking. 

Since the name of the business was unique, Carry knew she would have to find unique clothing as well. But finding the right vendor wasn’t so easy. 

“It was difficult finding a vendor that I can rely on that had good quality clothing. I had to sample out a few vendors in the beginning to see if I liked how the items were made and the types of materials that were used. I’m honestly still trying to find a vendor that has everything I’m looking for,” Carry said.

Eunoia by Drew officially launched on April 15. Due to the pandemic, running the business became challenging. 

“Running my business during a pandemic was very challenging. People weren’t going out so there was no need to purchase clothes. But over time my business was able to pick up. Also, I was relying on vendors overseas and getting my products shipped to me took longer than expected due to the pandemic,” Carry said. 

When things were getting tough, Carry had friends like Karina Font to keep her and the business going.

Eunoia by Drew logo. Photo courtesy Tamerry Carry

Working with Tammy was always fun,” Font said. “Tammy has a very positive attitude about everything even if things weren’t going as planned. We always found ways to make things work whether it was doing our own photo shoots at home off our phones, planning different collections that she can maybe drop in the future and so much more. Tammy always had a good spirit , very hard working and such a great friend to work with.”

The pandemic didn’t stop Carry. Her great customer service took her a long way. Over time business picked up and the items started selling out. 

“She understands the ins and outs of keeping her customers satisfied. She is punctual with keeping up with orders and making smooth sales for herself and others,” said Anyiah Shedrick, a close friend of Carry’s. 

As Eunoia by Drew continues to flourish, be prepared to see more things coming this year. 

 “2021 will be a big year for Eunoia by Drew. There will be a relaunch coming soon and there will be a bigger variety of clothing with more frequent releases. Be on the lookout for giveaways as well,” said Carry said. 

You can see Eunoia by Drew on Instagram @eunoiabydrew.