Jada Jean is Fit & Fine

Jada Jean wearing her own fit and fine apparel. Photo courtesy Jada Jean

When most 6-year-old girlswere playing with dolls, Jada Jean was playing with weights. Jean, a student at Florida A&M University from Miami, is bringing as much awareness as she can to being stylishly in shape.

Jean has been lifting weights since age 6. She would join her father and older brothers when were working out.

“My energy for fitness and athletics grew off of that,” she said.

That’s when she got into sports. Jean has participated in multiple sports and activities such as majorette, track, basketball, flag football, softball and volleyball. After participating in all those sports and activities, Jean knew she didn’t want to let her fitness and athletics lifestyle go, so she brought it to college.

“I love working out because I like to stay fit, in-shape and healthy. Being in shape is very important for our health. I’m very big on my health and figure. I like to watch what I eat, making sure I’m keeping my body hydrated and giving it the exercise it needs,” she said.

Jean started a Fit and Fine work out program her freshman year at FAMU to help students on campus get in shape and avoid that “freshman 15.” She worked with more than 15 students and they all noticed a change in their bodies. Biology pre-medicine major Arielle Hall was one of the first students on campus to work out with her.

 “When I was working out with Jada, I definitely felt like she helped a lot. She encouraged me a lot when I thought I’d give up but she pushed me. I’m ever grateful for that,” Hall said.

Fit and Fine apparel logo. Photo courtesy Jada Jean

Jean had to end her workout program due to a schedule conflict and working. That didn’t stop her from keeping herself in shape. She works out daily from 6:30 to 8 p.m.

On Christmas Day last year, Jean, a journalism major, decided  to start a fitness apparel line.

“It wasn’t a better name to name it Fit & Fine,” Jean said.

When creating the apparel it wasn’t hard for her because she had already visualized how she wanted the clothes to look. “The goal is to have one look their best as they work out,” Jean said.

Fit & Fine apparel is comfortable and affordable fitness wear that includes sports bras, T-shirts, sport tights and shorts for women and men for all shapes and sizes.

Jean believes her passion for fitness will take her business to unlimited heights. Many of her peers believe in her too.Sarena Castor, Jean’s best friend, said, “I believe in Jada 100 percent. Her love for fitness will take her business to the top.”

Jean has high hopes for her new company. “In the next couple of years, I see Fit & Fine expanding worldwide and maybe even in possible stores including Walmart, Target and even high-end department stores. I also plan on opening a women’s gym,” Jean said.

You can see more of what Jean’s businesses has to offer on her Instagram page @fitandfine_apparel and @fit_fine_workouts.