Voila: Meet C’est La Vie

Co-Founders of C’est La Vie Lifestyle: Jean Jose Desire and Kieron Bobby Scott (Left to Right). Photo courtesy Jean Jose Desire

C’est La Vie Lifestyle is a marketing and planning firm based in Tallahassee. CEOs and co-founders Jean Jose Desire and Kieron Bobby Scott, created this business with a fresh outlook to provide to the Tallahassee area. 

“C’est La Vie Lifestyle was created to provide quality driven events and experiences for young adults and professionals,” Scott said. “The events offered vary from reading expos, Sunday brunches, and full-scale celebrations taking over entire venues.”

In a short time, C’est La Vie Lifestyle has had the ability to collaborate with local venues to bring events to the Tallahassee area. Taco Tuesday at GVO and Sunday Brunch at Pots were the first of more events to come in the future of this business’ endeavors. 

“Whether it’s a brunch, wedding, community service, we will pull all the strings together to make the event as ideal as possible,” Desire said. “We wanted to give back to college students. That’s one of our goals in creating this business.”

According to Scott, events such as Taco Tuesday are a way for the business to bring the “aura” from metropolitan areas such as Atlanta, Houston and Chicago to their clients in the Tallahassee area. GVO is a well-known lounge for the younger crowd in the heart of Tallahassee — not too far from the campus of Florida A&M University — which helped to create the desired experience for their target audience.  

C’est La Vie has more to offer more than just club parties, according to Desire. Event planning isn’t the only goal of the business.  The founders of C’est La Vie Lifestyle have a vision of uplifting the Tallahassee area by providing scholarship opportunities to paid internships. 

“Aside from normal business function, C’est La Vie has incorporated acts of service for the community into its everyday practice,” Scott said. “The first scholarship was granted to a freshman at Florida A&M University, which included a cash prize and a basket of essential items.”

The business makes an effort to make a difference in the Tallahassee community through the contributions and experiences it provides. 

“The scholarship came into fruition because at C’est La Vie we value and support scholarly achievement,” said Scott. “We also realize that during these unprecedented times young college students should be rewarded for their ability to go above and beyond in the classroom.”

According to Desire, their goal is to make the scholarship available every semester – Spring, Summer, and Fall. C’est La Vie also plans to continue to provide opportunities to young professionals to gain experience in their area of skill such as photography, catering and entertainment. 

With the businesses’ freedom and ability to be innovative, C’est La Vie Lifestyle expects to thrive and move in an onward and upward direction. 

“In the next five years, I believe their influence will reach neighboring cities in Florida and other major surrounding cities,” said Ronald Aaron Goldsberry, C’est La Vie Lifestyle’s’ graphic designer. “With a strong commitment to giving back to their community, I believe C’est La Vie will make a positive impact on their community as well.”