COVID-friendly activities for the holidays

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COVID-19 has stopped many things this year — but why let it ruin your holiday spirit? As of today, Dec. 3, it was announced that cases of COVID-19 are slowly rising again. With different states shutting down again, you might be struggling to come up with COVID-19 friendly things to do with friends and family to keep the holidays fun.

Binge watch holiday movies

With so much more time on your hands, binge watching your favorite television shows and movies is probably one of the most convenient activities you can do within the comfort of your home. Netflix, Hallmark and ABC hosts annual Christmas specials with movies and shows that appeal to everyone in the family. Looking for more adult holiday specials? Stream the holiday episodes of television series online or watch reruns on YouTube.

Host an immediate family only Christmas party

Although it may seem like you’ve had a lot more time to spend with the people in your household, many people across America are going through things mentally due to changes from the pandemic. What better way is there to bond and get closer to your family than having a small get together — in-house only. Put together a playlist of your favorite tunes, order some pizza and pull out the games for a night full of fun, COVID-friendly style.

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Visit a tour of holiday lights

The last two activities were both things you could do inside your home, but what if you wanted to get out of the house? Depending on where you are located, you may be able to find a nearby museum hosting a drive-thru tour of holiday Christmas lights. This is something that can be done in groups or pairs, and you can stay warm inside of your car while maintaining social distancing regulations.

Still not feeling festive? Some students from Florida A&M University shared how they plan to keep the holidays exciting.

“I have a seasonal position at work, so I might not be going home for the holiday,” said senior Imani Wilson. “I do plan on decorating my room door in my apartment and drinking hot chocolate while watching my favorite Christmas movies.”

Another FAMU student, Mahogany Miles, said, “My plans are to stay in my apartment here in Tallahassee and have a small gathering with three of my friends. My boyfriend and I got a new dog so we’ll be spending time bonding with her and doing other holiday activities indoors.”

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