Jordan Spells spells success

Spells wearing his own Christopher Rashaad t-shirt. Photo courtesy Spells’ personal Instagram

Jordan Spells is a junior history education major at Florida A&M University. He is also the owner of The Spells Company.

The Spells Company is a business that offers many services including creating websites, logos, flyers and T-shirts for clients. Spells believes that owning this business allows him to tap into his many passions outside of education.

I have a lot of passions, and I just feel like if I just go with my education passion, then I just wont be happy all the time,” Spells said. I want an outlet other than education.”

The Spells Company also features Spells’ own clothing brand called Christopher Rashaad, which features T-shirts and will offer more products soon. Spells describes the clothing as a reflection of his personality.

Its a very simple brand because Im a simple person. Im not really a flashy person so its very simple, very nice and elegant,” Spells said.

The Spells Company. Photo courtesy @thespellscompany on Instagram

The Spells Company initially started out as J Stylz Entertainment in Spells’ freshman year of college. He started out making T-shirts and doing student campaigns.

Spells has since provided about 20 customers with his services, and he has done three campaigns. He has a goal to grow his clientele now that he has changed the name of his business. This plan includes doing more campaigns in the future.

He has satisfied many of the customers he has already provided services to. Janeka Mohorn, who has received flyers from Spells multiple times, spoke about her satisfaction.

Working with [Spells] has taught me things, and I have watched him grow more and more. Every time I ask for a flyer, I see new things when it comes to creativity and patience,” Mohorn said.

Mohorn has also taken advantage of Spells’ website designing services for the website for her cosmetics business.

Sandler Fleurima, a client who used Spells for a T-shirt design, was satisfied with the product and Spells’ customer service. He also plans to return for more services from Spells.

Im so glad how my shirt turned out. He definitely turned my vision into life. I also loved how he was very understanding and professional, especially for a rush order. Ill definitely be shopping for more in the near future,” Fleurima said.

Spells has a new business plan that he hopes to put into action in January. You can see more of what Spells has to offer on his Instagram page @thespellscompany.