5 classic Christmas movies to watch again

Photo courtesy Erik Witsoe via unsplash.com

Television networks start playing their collection of Christmas movies for hours on end the day after Halloween. November is commonly known as the kick-off of the holiday season and people wait eagerly for the 25-day Christmas countdowns on Dec. 1.

Here are the top five classic Christmas movies guaranteed to entertain you during the next month.

Home Alone” 

“Home Alone,” and its infamous unrealistic plot, appears on screens in familys homes throughout the holiday season. The 90sfilm has not lost its momentum as it remained the highest-grossing Christmas movie until 2011, according to Forbes. Although we continue to watch the movie, it is hard to avoid pointing out the unrealistic happenstances that occurred. After watching the movie so many times you have to question how a family left their child at home on a holiday trip— not once, but twice. The sequel to the movie also attracts many viewers during this time of year.

This Christmas”  

This drama-filled movie is not your typical feel-good” Christmas movie. The film focuses on realistic problems the Whitfield family deals with and tries to avoid after reuniting for the first time in four years during the holiday season. The movie is known for Chris Browns rendition of the song, This Christmas.” Browns character, Michael, parallels his real life as far as his music career is concerned. The movies relatable plot resonates with many as it discusses real-life familial problems that any family can empathize with. Many families will most likely be playing this classic in their homes this Christmas — pun intended.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas”  

This kids’-favorite movie about the spirit of Christmas is a definite classic. The story about the Grinch and his incessant need to ruin Christmas is an all-time favorite Dr. Seuss based movie. The movie, two decades old, emphasizes how unimportant material things are and the importance of maintaining the Christmas spirit. Jim Carey’s stellar performance in the movie was nominated in 2001 for an Oscar for best performance by an actor in a motion picture.

Friday After Next” 

“Friday After Next,”a sequel to “Friday,” is a Christmas comedy classic. The movie begins with the main characters, played by Ice Cube and Mike Epps, getting robbed by Santa Claus.” Throughout the movie they encounter unfortunate circumstances to retrieve their stolen goods from the thief.  This is not your traditional Christmas movie, but it is definitely a household favorite. If you are looking for a good laugh, Craig and Day-Days Christmas will definitely provide you with one.

The Night Before”  

“The Night Before,” released in 2015, is a more recent film. This comedy is centered on three friends who are putting an end to their epic Christmas Eve tradition of shenanigans before fully entering adulthood. Throughout the movie they are participating in fun activities to make the night as memorable as possible. Seth Rogen, a comedic icon, plays one of the main characters and his character is a fan favorite. If youre into Christmas comedies, this may be a great one for you.