Mr. President, you’re fired!

Donald Trump loses reelection for president. Photo courtesy

Donald Trump became synonymous with the term, “You’re fired!” during his famous reality TV shows, “The Apprentice” and “The Celebrity Apprentice.”

The game show that ran for almost a decade in the 2000s was hosted and judged by Trump as he observed aspiring business leaders’ ability to execute tasks and projects.  At the end of every episode, whoever failed to meet Trumps approval was fired.

Fast forward some 15 years and the tables have turned as America has become Trump’s unsatisfied employer.

When put to the test as president, Trump could not handle the real-world pressures of running a country.  Turning to finger pointing and name calling rather than stepping up and taking responsibility for his lack of preparation and delayed responses became his most notable defense mechanism.  Furthermore, Trump loved to use the Democratic party as a scapegoat for any delays relating to national crises and solutions.

A true businessman, as most Trump supporters like to regard him, is expected to step up and pull every resource he can to get his company back on track.  Instead, Trump dismissed those resources while letting our country sink like the Titanic.

Throughout his tenure Trump has fired or forced out at least 56 members of his administration.  The first to go was former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn who was forced to resign just 24 days after President Trump took office.  The Business Insider reported that the Trump administration has continued this behavior following his 2020 election loss by losing at least 12 senior Trump administration officials since Nov. 3.

According to the Brookings Institute, turnover in President Trump’s administration is 91% as of Nov. 9.  The latest was Christopher Krebs, the former director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security.

The Trump administration will be labeled one of the most dysfunctional administrations in American history.  

It is quite evident that Mr. Trump is having a hard time facing the reality that his time in the White House is winding down.  With the calendar quickly approaching Jan. 20, he is doing everything in his power to delay a peaceful transition.

As a businessman concerned with self-praise, Trump continues to find ways to award himself with the country’s economic recovery, unemployment rate decline, and COVID-19 recovery.

In all actuality the American people have recognized his constant bigotry and neglect that holds evident in the state of our divided country today. 

It is time to get business back in order and move forward as the country we once called the United States of America.  

So, without further ado: Mr. President, you’re fired!