Dixon’s brand is helping others with their brand

Zaria Dixon, 22, founder and creator of Legacy Creative Studio. Photo courtesy Dixon

Zaria Dixon didn’t waste any time creating a brand of her own.

“I want to help people bring their brands to life,”Dixonsaid. “Helping them do so will help me to bring mine to life as well. We water one another and grow from there.”

Dixon organized Legacy Creative Studio for graphic designing and brand curating. She came up with the idea in May and has been working on ideas ever since. In September, Dixon announced the launch of her brand and began taking clients.

“There’s a lot of weight on your shoulders when you literally have someone’s business in the palms of your hands. As a creative visionary and brand curator, the pressure falls on you to ensure everything is executed precisely,” the psychology major at FAMU said.

Dixon is confident in what she does and is sure her clients will always be satisfied.

“Realistically speaking, everyone isn’t going to like allof your ideas,” Dixonsaid. “That is why we keep working until we’ve hit every point that my client wants covered. We add and subtract until we come up with the best answer. I want every client to leave feeling accomplished and ready to elevate their brand. That is what Legacy Creative Studio is all about,” she added.

Dixon’s clients haven’t had any complaints thus far, and are actually extremely impressed with what she’s done for their business.

“She works very hard,” said Cumondre DucksWorth, a client of Legacy Creative Studio. “Her work literally speaks for itself. I’m so glad I came across her business page. The quality is unmatched for sure. She takes her time and always makes sure I’m satisfied. I love that about her.”

Not only is Dixon busy with building her brand, but she is also a part-time bank teller as well as a full-time student at FAMU. Balancing so many responsibilities can be challenging and at times it can become immensely frustrating. Dixon seems to be managing quite well.

“I don’t allow it to overwhelm me. I knew what I was signing up for before I agreed to take on such a load. It’s actually better this way for me. It keeps me busy. I’m up for the challenge and I will succeed,” she said.

Dixon has a strong support system behind her. Her family and friends are sure she’ll go far and do great things.

“I never worry about Zaria,” says Rodrigo Gomez, a close friend of several years. “She’s very focused and I know she can do it.”

Dixon’s business page can be found via Instagram @LegacyCreativeStudio.