Instagram users do not approve of latest update

Instagram users are not happy with new update. Photo courtesy Google

Instagram has made yet another update to the app and as usual users are not happy.

The reorganization of the posting and notification features has made it quite difficult for users to maneuver around the app.  The new layout has moved the notifications and post button to the upper right corner of the screen while adding a shopping element and video streaming option to the main toolbar.

The shopping tab and designated reels feature suggest that Instagram is more interested in making money rather than satisfying its consumers.

A reel is a 10-15 second video that loops itself until you swipe to the next video.  Most of these videos are assumed to be taken from the trendy TikTok as its logo is shown in the corner of nearly all videos. While there is no known contract between Instagram and TikTok ,it is assumed that some form of arrangement has been made.

This update came as a surprise for some users as their phone automatically updates the app to the latest version.

Influencer James Charles, with over 24 million Instagram followers, posted a video on his Twitter explaining his dissatisfaction with the most recent update.

“As usual it (the update) is absolute trash,”  Charleswrote.  “They moved literally everything around and it makes it very clear where their priorities lie and that is making money and only making money.”

Many users like Charles claim that Instagram is more interested in making money through reels that showcase businesses and commercials than allowing users to share their personal style and ideas with people they choose to follow.

Instagram user Taylor Payne says the entire update was rushed and not thought out.

“I feel like they (Instagram) threw it together,” said Payne.  “There was no consideration for users or influencers to create content.”

Social media user Janelle Edge believes that all social apps are losing their diversity by merging too many features.

“I feel like social media apps like Instagram and Twitter are losing their independence,” said Edge.  “Instagram used to be a place where we could share our style and pictures.  Twitter used to be the place you go to share your thoughts.  But now it is all centered on little videos of people you don’t even know.”

Users and influencers are now feeling more and more detached from friends and followers more than ever.

It is only a matter of time before Instagram fixes the problem or surprises its users with another update.