In person or online? What do students prefer?

Photo courtesy Atlanta Black Star

This semester has been like no other. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, classes have been online for the majority of students.

With remote or online classes there are some things that cannot be captured in comparison to an in-person class. On the contrary, there are things about an in-person class that cannot compare to an online class.

Now that the semester is all but over, students are able to get a feel of which style is a better fit for them after learning remotely for half a year versus their earlier years in college. Could one be more beneficial than the other?

I personally like in-person classes better because of the learning environment. At home on Zoom University,you dont even know who all is in your classes,” said Micheal Lawrence, a second year pharmacy student at Florida A&M.

Most people said online classes are not an ideal solution to the fact that students cannot meet because of social distancing. Students find it harder to pay attention.

Being on a Zoom call feels like a boring phone call I do not want to be on. Ill walk away from my phone and come back. It does not feel like Im learning as much. I am a hands-on learner,” said Tierra Shine, a third year business student.

Because you are in the comfort of your own home, it is easy to get lazy or distracted. Professors are not aware of who is paying attention unless they enforce a camera policy which many do not. Anyone can log on, turn their camera off, and walk away from their phone.

Online classes just feel like you have to teach yourself. Thankfully my professors will post the power point online, but most of my learning comes from within,” Tiriq Johnson, a second year criminal justice student, said.

Although many students don’t care for online classes, many students would rather have classes online than in person. Some say it is more convenient.

I like to travel, so being able to access my classes no matter where I am at is very beneficial,” said Zachary Jenkins, a fourth year pharmacy student.

The beauty of the world wide web is that it can be accessed anywhere as long as you have WiFi connection. For once, you do not have to be literally in class to be in class.

I like being at home. Getting up in the morning, getting dressed, and finding a parking spot is a hassle. I like waking up and logging on to my class from the comforts of my home,” said Sarah Whitaker, a third year business major. Zoom classes complements my introverted lifestyle.”