FAMU student starts catering business

Trinity Durr. Photo courtesy Trinity Durr

Trinity Durr, a third-year English education student at Florida A&M, will be launching her own catering business on Saturday. Keeping Up with Trin Food LLC will offer catering, meal prep and private chef services.

The Atlanta native started cooking as a child and was inspired by her dad to stay in the kitchen.

“I vividly remember my dad cooking breakfast one day and him just finally getting sick of me being in the way and asking if I wanted to help,” Durr said. “I will never forget. I was so excited, even though it was just simply scrambled eggs. This was the very first thing I learned to cook, and from that day forward my parents slowly started introducing and allowing me to cook new foods, consequently sparking my interest in food.”

Cooking has helped Durr find joy in a lot of her life struggles.

“Cooking is a form of expression for me and has been a big part of overcoming the hardship I have experienced in my life,” Durr said. “I cooked for my brothers almost every day while my dad worked late night shifts. It was pretty much left up to me to feed us and eventually turned into my daily form of therapy. It was my time to myself, so I looked forward to it every day. I would research recipes online at school and execute them perfectly once I got home. It gave me a small boost of confidence and self-worth.”

A friend of Durr’s, Mathew Benton, can attest to Durr’s good cooking and is excited for his friend’s new business.

“Her food is so good,” Benton said. “I’m excited to see her business expand throughout the next few years.”

Future customers may be concerned about how safe it will be to out-source for food right now due to the pandemic but Durr made sure to obtain her “serv safe”  certification.

“I will be following all guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control as it relates to food businesses,” Durr said. “I will emphasize good personal hygiene and be sure to properly clean and sanitize each kitchen utensil after use.”

Another friend of Durr’s, Amber Nicole, has also tried Durr’s cooking and can’t wait for her friend’s business to launch.

“The first time Trinity cooked for me I was amazed at how good it was,” Nicole said. “I’m glad to see she’s actually doing catering and private chef services, most people in college just decide to sell plates of food instead of really expanding.”

With the launch on Saturday, Durr has taken to social media to prepare customers for her new business venture.