Verzuz season two: who do Rattlers want to see?

The first Verzuz battle of season two will be between T.I. and Jeezy. Photo courtesy Verzuz TV via Instagram.

Verzuz TV recently announced in an Instagram post that season two of the Verzuz battles is kicking off with T.I. versus Jeezy on November 19. Some students at Florida A&M University are excited to see this battle, but they also have their own ideas of artists who would be a good battle to see. 

Cimeon Hearns, a senior biology pre-medicine student at FAMU, is excited to see the battle between T.I. and Jeezy, and he is rooting for T.I. However, Hearns does have his own match up for a battle that he would like to see. 

“A great Verzuz battle I’ve been longing for is Jazmine Sullivan versus Chrisette Michelle. Both of them are underrated vocal powerhouses,” Hearns said. 

Joshua Oliver, a sophomore biology pre-medicine student at FAMU, is also interested in seeing these two old school rappers and is rooting for T.I. as well. His ideal battle is between two of the male voices in the R&B genre, however. 

“I want to see Ne-Yo and Trey Songz,” Oliver said. “I used to listen to them when I was little, and I compared them then. They should battle.” 

MaYa Staton, a senior criminal justice student at FAMU, is also rooting for T.I. in the upcoming battle, but she feels that he would have been a better match up with another artist.

“I personally think T.I. would’ve been a better fit against 50 Cent, because their themes and styles match each other in their 2000s songs,” Staton said.

Outside of T.I., there are other artists that Staton would be interested in seeing battle against one another. 

“I would love to see Chris Brown versus Usher, because they both have older hits as well as some newer ones,” Staton said. “They also sing about some of the same stuff and have the same fanbase for the most part.” 

Malina Murray, a junior business administration student at FAMU, is not as excited to see T.I. versus Jeezy, but she would potentially watch it because she likes older artists.

“I’m here for the older artists,” Murray said.

Verzuz season two is coming soon. Photo courtesy Verzuz TV via Instagram

Murray’s ideal battle is one of the generations. She wants to see newer artists go against older artists that they have some things in common with. She would be interested in a Wiz Khalifa versus Snoop Dogg or a Nicki Minaj versus Lil’ Kim battle. 

“They are similar, but they are from two totally different generations,” said Murray. 

It looks like some Rattlers are looking forward to the T.I. versus Jeezy battle, and T.I. has some people rooting for him. However, many FAMU students have battle ideas of their own. Maybe some of these matchups will come to life in season two of the Verzuz battles.