HyFlex classes are the solution to spring semester

Columnist Jasmine Butler. Photo courtesy Butler

As January approaches, many college students are preparing for yet another semester of school. Although the pandemic guidelines are still in full effect, many students simply couldn’t find the perfect balance when transitioning to virtual learning. To give students an opportunity to choose their perfect learning environment, HyFlex courses are the way to go. This course plan allows students to either attend class physically, attend online or both.

With a full online schedule, being confined to limited space this semester was different for me. It not only affected the way I worked but my mental health, sleep schedule and study hours as well. Normally, where I could adjust to new classes within a week or two, it took me a little longer to fine-tune my work ethic all over again. 

Being in my apartment and bedroom reminded me of home. It felt like I was still on summer break. HyFlex courses will allow my peers and I to be flexible and determine what classes will be the best fit to attend physically. It will also give me a chance to get up and move again.

Florida A&M University’s Office of the Provost explains how HyFlex classes will work on their website.

“Hybrid Flexible (HyFlex) modality is a course design in which students meet in-person and attend remotely on specific days. Courses are delivered both in-person and online at the same time by the same instructor. To adhere to social distancing requirements, a limited number of students may be in-person and other students will attend classes remotely.”

This will not only accommodate in-person interaction but students, like Anaiya Byars, will be able to stay safe.

“I think this option is great. It gives people a safer option for school. Also, if you don’t feel safe, you have the option to go home if you are living on campus,” she said.

As everyone strives to remain in good health, having this option is a relief. We aren’t being forced to engage in continuous online instruction but we also get the face-to-face learning option that many of us desire. As a kinesthetic learner, I enjoy the hands-on aspect of school. So, hopefully, the spring semester will allow further engagement than I had during the fall. 

Byars believes that with the circumstances, professors are being understanding and making great adjustments for the success of their students.

“Most professors are more reasonable when dealing with the circumstances that we are facing. Actually, I have more concerned professors this year than I had last year. This just goes to show that the sympathy of what’s going on around us is largely impacting how they teach and care,” Byars said.

For students that won’t be on campus for the spring semester, it gives them the slightest bit of hope and reassurance. 

Jahshuan Hickson, an allied health student at FAMU, agrees that it is a great idea.

“I will probably be at home in the spring. If so, with the HyFlex option, I know that it won’t be as bad for me. I’m glad the university isn’t choosing one or the other. This semester went pretty well for me so I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how things will go in the spring semester,” she said.

For those concerned about the health and safety of students participating in the face-to-face sessions, the provost office at FAMU, answers frequently answered questions. It clarifies that classes will continue but remote options remain open. 

“Seating in the classroom spaces is limited, in accordance with CDC social distancing guidelines. Students will continue to be instructed to remain at least six feet apart through visual aids and vocal reminders from instructors. Students who do not comply will be subject to disciplinary action as governed by the Student Code of Conduct.

As students leave or return to campus after Thanksgiving, there are a plethora of unexpected events that could take place. Whether it be family emergencies, contracting the virus, taking classes in your home state or simply choosing to engage in distance learning. To remain flexible and meet the needs of every student, the HyFlex course system is the best option. Not only will it give students a choice but ensure the safety of the university.