What pandemic? Las Vegas is lit

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Landmark. Photo courtesy iPhotoStock

Travel prices have dropped to an all-time low as a pandemic continues to lay siege to our country. With only so much to do during a pandemic, and an increased opportunity to travel, many have taken this time to explore new destinations.

As of late, Las Vegas has been a destination for countless tourists, especially for millennials.

Las Vegas is known as the ultimate playground with the famous saying “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” Many are drawn to the city for its vibrant nightlife, casinos, shopping, dining and, of course, the entertainment.

With courses being primarily remote it has allowed students to multitask and even be in two places at once. Students have taken this opportunity to travel while learning, creating memories and changing the reality of what being a college student looks like.

Studies have shown that younger generations are not taking COVID-19 as seriously as older generations and continue to live life considering the circumstances.

“I recently traveled to Vegas for my friend’s birthday,” Imani Edwards, a senior college student, said. “The city is pretty open as if corona doesn’t exist. Visiting malls, the casino, bars, and restaurants everything seemed clean.”

Since the virus is not easily identified and often shows no forms of symptoms, it is hard to restrict or limit activities. As I recently traveled to Las Vegas, I too noticed that the city seemed fairly open compared to other cities. Individuals still wore masks, but the city was full of people who were ready for life to return to what we once considered normal.

Traveling during this time raises a lot of red flags. As the pandemic has shifted and moved through various phases the world is slowly but surely fully reopening. The advice of quarantine between travel periods has died down and people are traveling freely. Following the guidelines enforced with airline companies and places of businesses to millennials that are justified as enough.

“The amount of traveling has noticeably increased over the past couple of months,” said Jawaun Clarke, a junior in college. “Being somewhat isolated for a long period, I was eager to travel to Las Vegas as it was a city that seemed to be primarily open.”

Since cities such as Las Vegas are opening and running operations as normal it sparks the urge for people to explore after being in hiding for what seems like an eternity. Though COVID-19 is still very real, people have accepted the accommodations of how we now live life and are not letting that take away from traveling.