Victory for Biden and Harris

The win for this dynamic duo is historic. Photo courtesy

Concerned continuously for America’s future, Biden and Harris’s victory has relieved much anxiety and distress. This historic triumph has granted me faith in America’s future. Now, whole heartedly I believe America is back in good hands.

The last four years under Trump’s administration in the White House has been a constant uproar. The nation has experienced economic turmoil, social unrest and division.

Anxiously waiting for days to hear the presidential election results finally on Saturday, former Vice President Joseph Biden and Senator Kamala Harris were announced as the President Elect and Vice President Elect. When the notification came across my phone’s screen, I smiled and chills ran through my body. An instant sensation of relief eased my mind.

Social media was filled with celebratory content and hilarious memes. Many took to social media to congratulate Biden and Harris, and some ridiculed Trump for losing. Nonetheless, my accounts reinstated a sense of security that this is real, and Biden and Harris won.

During the Biden/Harris campaign, they heavily emphasized a higher education plan to ease student loan debt. I would love to see Biden’s administration effectively execute that plan as many Americans desperately need student loan relief to build and sustain an affordable life. However, they have a lot on their hands.

Trump’s refusal to concede will make their transition into the White House much more difficult. Biden/Harris’ primary focus in the remaining months of 2020 will be finalizing their plans to minimize the spread of COVID-19 as cases reach an all time high.

Senator Kamala Harris’ win was a historic victory to become the first woman to serve as the United States’ Vice President. Not just the first woman, but the first woman of color has significantly impacted America’s structure.

D’Shay Pressley, FAMU alumni and graduate student at Auburn University, feels encouraged to push through 2020.

“I know being Black in America is difficult, but being Black and a woman in America is a challenge like no other,” Pressley said. “Kamala’s victory is inspiring, motivating and exactly what this country needed. It’s difficult to know the struggles that a Black woman goes through daily until you are one. Her victory pushes me to strive even more.”

In America, women, especially Black women, have been undervalued, oppressed and not granted the same opportunities as men. Harris’ victory has broken barriers. It has removed limitations that women cannot obtain high power positions. Many women are filled with endless hope and new possibilities.

Many Americans in prominent cities, including New York, Atlanta and our nation’s capital, joined in celebrating their victory. For the first time in a long time, I witnessed people of all races and cultures come together in peaceful unity celebrating as one. The nationwide celebrations solidified a needed positive change for America.

2020 has been a chaotic year with more than 230,000 people killed by COVID and millions infected, police brutality, and intense racial tensions. Biden and Harris’s victory has given many Americans the hope we needed to look forward to a new year.