Murray creates hair products for men, women

Unikique Murray. Photo courtesy Murray

Unikique Murray decided to create a haircare line after receiving numerous compliments on her own hair. Her recently launched haircare line, Silk of genesis, was created for both men and women.

“I’m currently marketing four products,” Murray, a third-year health science major at Florida A&M, said. “One being our growth serum, which is designed to rapidly grow hair. Our growth serum is our bestselling product. Our second bestselling item is our hair milk, which is designed to detangle and moisturize hair. Also, our men’s wave pomade; they’re designed to help perfectly hold hair into the desired style. One of those being our Creamy Wave Pomade, which is crafted for men with curly hair and we have a medium wave pomade, which is also crafted for men with coilly hair.”

Murray first thought of this business idea in 2018.

“In the summer of 2018 I finally realized how many hair care remedies I knew of,” Murray said. “I wanted to help men and women with their hair complications.”

Sarene Morgan, a third-year nursing student, shared her review ofMurray’s products.

“The hair milk is truly my favorite,” Morgan said. “Not only does the product hydrate my hair but it also detangles and defines my curls.”

Silk of Genesis Logo. Photo courtesy Unikique Murray

Murray is able to stay on top of her business and gain great reviews. She also keeps a detailed agenda to make sure she stays on top of schoolwork.

“Organization is key,” Murray said. “I plan my days by an agenda, which I follow daily. Staying organized will help keep you on track and train your body to your desired schedule.”

One of Murray’s male customers, Tyriq Stewart, loved the fact that her products are all natural.

“This pomade has not only changed by hair texture for the better, it has trained my hair to lay down leaving a solid finish,” Stewart said. “The natural ingredients feel really good when applied. Not too greasy or oily.”

Murray explained how she makes her products.

“My products are handcrafted,” Murray said. “One of our main ingredients used in almost all of our products is coconut oil. What makes my products vegan and cruelty free is that they’re not derived from animals.”

Murray plans to expand her business and eventually turn it into a large corporation.

“I plan to master marketing and offer more products,” Murray said. “These products include shampoo, conditioner, heat protectants, revival clay masks and more. In five years, I see my business turning into a large corporation with multiple divisions. With hard work and persistence it will.”