Rattlers react to delayed election results

Rattlers are anxious to see which of these two would be our next president. Photo courtesy KSAT.com

As the nation awaits the results of the presidential election, students at Florida A&M University share their thoughts. Both political parties are at a stalemate and some students feel there’s no misconduct, while others are wary of the country’s current state.   

Five states have yet to call in the projected winner of the presidential election: Alaska, Georgia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Nevada.  Currently former Vice- President Joe Biden is ahead in electoral votes at 264 with President Donald Trump holding 214. FAMU students are eager to receive an answer as to who will lead the country for the next four years.

Robert Tucker, a sophomore broadcast journalism student at FAMU, is one student that doesn’t think much misconduct is occurring in the election results. However, he does feel as if this whole election process is unorganized and unprofessional.

Tucker mentioned that this election has caused his anxiety level to rise tremendously because he understands the results could affect his everyday life and the life of those he cares about most. 

“The turnout of this election can have an overall positive or negative effect on my loved ones,” said Tucker.  

Jade Franklin, a sophomore psychology student, thinks it’s horrible that President Trump is too worried about losing his seat in office as we await the remaining ballots to be counted in battleground states. She feels the aftermath of the results is what’s causing her so much anxiety. 

“Honestly, it’s America. Funny business is always going on,” said Franklin. “The election itself is really upsetting. We should know who’s going to serve as president by now.” 

Franklin expressed how she felt by adding that the delay in election results is due to our current president knowing his time in the White House may come to an end. Over the last couple of days, Trump has fought hard to undermine the voting system if the results are not in his favor. 

Daniel Newton, a junior broadcast journalism student, expresses his feelings in this election as he believes it is filled with misconduct and the results may be altered by Trump’s negligence. 

“I saw that Biden was projected to win by a larger margin than what is being seen with the results. It makes me wonder if Trump is using his money and power to make things go his way,”  said Newton.

Newton has not been impressed with either of the candidates in this election and has expressed his thoughts about both being unfavorable people to sit in the oval office come January.  He feels as if he would not be too bothered by whoever becomes the next president for the next four years. 

”Both have things on their record that worries me,” said Newton. “Of course, I would prefer one candidate over the other, but I am not really rooting for either.”

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