Trump claims presidency and voting fraud amid ongoing race

Trump addresses supporters and prematurely claims presidency during speech. Photo courtesy Getty Images

After election results came in on election night, all eyes fell on Democratic Nominee Joe Biden and Republican Nominee Donald Trump, waiting to see which candidate would make it to the White House.

Both candidates were very active on their Twitter accounts, and made appearances last night to speak with their supporters.

President Trump, who is hoping to be reelected for a second term, falsely told many supporters on a livestream last night that his campaign was winning by large margins in many important states, and that “frankly” his campaign already won the election amid undecided election results.

“They’re never going to catch us, they can’t catch us,” Trump reiterated to supporters.

At the time of this speech, an official winner had not been declared in major states like Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

Trump also took to Twitter, claiming the Republican party was winning, while also saying the Democrats were trying to “steal” the election. This rattled many Americans and turned many media platforms into a warzone between both parties.

“It is an extremely reckless and potentially dangerous claim. It will only seek to further the divide in our country and fill its citizens with strife and distrust of one another,” says Nicholas Edwards, a third-year economics student.

Biden, the Democratic candidate, responded to Trump’s far stretched claims and assured fans to keep faith in the election process.

“It’s not my place or Donald Trump’s place to declare who’s won this election, that’s the decision of the American people,” Biden told supporters in Delaware.

Joe Biden continues to encourage Americans amidst election skepticism. Screenshot by Kayla McKinney

Since last night, there has been much controversy over polling numbers and the election process.

Millions of ballots are still being counted and an influx of mail-in ballots, due to coronavirus, has sent many states into working overtime to try and count several thousands of votes.

Many states, like the key battleground state of Georgia, have noticed missing ballots, leaving the United States District Court to order the United States Postal Service to sweep mail processing facilities to recover a number of almost 300,000 unaccounted ballots.

“It was pre planned and, truly, I’m not surprised,” Georgia resident, Morgan Banks said.

There has also been a number of reports on voter suppression and voter intimidation, as some election results started to come in while polls were still open across different time zones.

According to USAToday, there have been several controversial robocalls reported that were spreading misleading information to voters in many cities of battleground states, such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Florida.

The Michigan Attorney General, Dana Nessel told them her own office received these mysterious calls, telling Flint voters to vote Wednesday due to long lines.

“Obviously this is false and an effort to suppress the vote. No long lines and today is the last day to vote. Don’t believe the lies!” Nessel tweeted.

While the FBI is investigating the calls, many entities are using some of this information to insist a problem within the election. President Trump and many other republicans are claiming that new numbers suggesting Biden is in the lead, are a result of fraudulent activity.

Screenshot by Kayla McKinney

“Last night I was leading, often solidly, in many key states, in almost all instances Democrat run and controlled. Then, one by one, they started to magically disappear as surprise ballot dumps were counted. VERY STRANGE…” President Trump tweeted earlier this morning.

Officials at theDepartment of Homeland Security maintain that the election process thus far is very secure and has seen no interference from foreign entities.

Mail-in ballots continue to be counted in several states, keeping the answer of who will be the next president unknown for now.

Biden is currently leading in popular and electoral votes, however, there is still a fighting chance for the incumbent president to win with data still being counted in key battleground states.

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